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    We have been to both San Souci and Negril Couples 2 times and are just booking a Swept Away week and thought????? Are the rooms air conditioned at Swept Away? We looked at the web pages for Swept Away and it was not noted. Also is just Feathers air conditioned?
    Always 2 thumbs up for Couples.

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    yes yes yes!! i would die without AC!! no worries. Both your room and feathers is AC enjoy swept away... ill bet here in about 495 days... but who's counting

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    Yes, the rooms at CSA are air conditioned. If you look at the accommodation page, it states "All rooms air conditioned with ceiling fan...." which can be misleading making you think only the fan is the A/C, but it is in fact a fan, in addition to an AC.

    Feathers is the only 100% enclosed restaurant. Patois, Lemongrass and Palms are open-air, but with fans for a nice breeze.
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    All the rooms are air conditioned and have ceiling fans. You will LOVE CSA!!!

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    Word of advice: know what Fahrenheit temperatures equate to in Celcius, because the AC is only in Celcius!! None of the staff knew how to equate it, so we just had to guess. It was a bit uncomfortable in the room until we figured it out.

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    Thanks everyone

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    To get farenheit from Celsius. Double it and add 30. So 20 deg centigrade would be approx 70 def f

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