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    Default No Couplicious Wednesday Escape This Week

    Our current Fall in Love Again discount promotion ends tomorrow so there will not be a CWE this week.

    FIY to all...

    Couples Resorts

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    Default Help Please

    Randymom ~ Could you please help me, I have been reading these boards and you always come through with the correct information.
    I tried last weekend to book a trip for 12/17/11-12/24/11 using the Loveaway Plan. My credit card was authorized for $100 (but not charged). However, I did not get a confirmation e-mail so I called Monday morning to see what happened. I spoke with Faye and she had said that there was not a reservation in the system for me and it was probably because I was booking too far out to use the loveaway plan and that the charge would not go past the authorization stage on my credit card. How far out in advance can you book using this plan as I do not have the full $400 to put down a deposit and probably will not before April 15th?

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    Don't ask me exactly why, but airlines do not publish their fares until 331 days prior to departure. THIS is why you were not able to book the Love Away plan, including airfare.

    There should be no reason whatsoever why you are unable to book hotel only for December 17, 2011 using the Love Away payment plan

    Couples Resorts

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    Default No Airfare

    I was only trying to book hotel only. I will go ahead and try again to see what happens! Thank you!

    ~ It worked! I think it was the card I was trying to use for some reason had an address mismatch so I just used another one with no problems! Thank you again, I may not have tried again had you not told me it should be fine!
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    We just booked for December 2011 on the Love away plan with no problems. The confirmation e-mail does not show the $500, but our TA assured me it was there. Does the code G11a mean anything?

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    That means that you've got the 55% off your room and the $500 credit! Let the counting down begin!

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    Randymon, We also had a problem with booking unless I am not understanding something. Our TA booked us for CN Deluxe Beachfront for July 1-9, 2011. I thought if we booked that room we are supposed to receive the price for a Deluxe Ocean but the price did not reflect that. Can you please explain? I want to make sure this is taken care of before April 15th.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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