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    Let me start by saying this was our first trip to Couples Swept Away and I mean we were SWEPT!! I have been home two day after a week there and I have not stop talking about it. We took 1,700 photos not including the pictures from the photo shoot. We had the time of our lives NO CRUISE CAN TOUCH THIS AT ALL. We celebrated our 25th anniversay there and we are already making arrangements to return again. This place is Paradise with a capital "P"
    The staff was the best ever. Kudos to you all. Neisha has a beautiful voice and Tristine has a wonderful smile. The staff is very friendly and very socialable. I want to move on the Island.If I truely tried to thank them all I would NEVER get off the computer. Thank you from the resort at the airport to the ride back to the airport. I rate you 100% time one billion. Keep doing what you all do.

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    My first trip to CSA was August, 2009 for my 20th anniversary. I had the exact same feeling that you had! Loved CSA and Negril ! Glad you had a great time !

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    We were married there in Oct 2008. It was our first time staying in Jamaica and we also had the same feeling. I too would move there in a heartbeat!!!! I heart Jamaica, especially Negril! 37 days til Paradise!!!

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    We are heading to CSA on 4/5 for the 1st time and can't wait! It's great to read the reactions of other first-timers!

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    It is people like you that are going to force us to go to CSA. We have been to CN and CTI. We absolutely LOVE CTI. So much in fact, that we already booked our June 2011 trip while we await departure for our June 2010 trip. I have heard, by good authority, that the staffs at CSA and CTI are very similar and since one of the greatest things (if not the greatest of all) at CTI is the staff, I really feel like a trip to CSA would be well worth is very hard for us to give up any time at CTI though.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Csa rocks!!!

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    We got married there in March of '08 and had the exact same feelings! It is truly our favorite place on earth. Now, we get to go again in June! YAYYYYY!

    So happy for you!

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    Yeah....I'd say you've got it bad!!!! Welcome to the world of sunshine and reggae in every thought. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better you found CSA. I only think about it a few dozen time every day!!!

    Enjoy planning your next trip home.

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