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    Default recent CN trip March - changes from Fall '09

    Here are a few details we noticed in our recent trip. Per tradition, tip of the cap to Tigger and note this is not for readers weary of details.

    • Large Blue Couch/lounge sets - on the boardwalk on each side of the Pool bar
    • Environmental contest between staff - by the BG bar, set up game-show style with Kitchen vs Laundry, Accounting vs House Keeping, etc.
    • Movie on beach - has returned (Friday PM)
    • More frequent volleyball - back to 11AM and 4PM beach and 2PM pool, for every day
    • Red Flag markers - various spots along sidewalks to warn of hazards
    • Blue Shower Gel - is back
    • Cassava buffet steamers - no covers, use overhead heat lamps instead
    • Drink Menu at BG, Pool, Main bars - new flip chart style laminated cards
    • Lobster at Lychee on Friday - previous trip excluded Lychee for some reason
    • Steel Band at 1PM on Pool Deck - not the mento band, this was a huge ensemble that management told us was brand new
    • New Hand Dryer at bathrooms by Lychee and beach side of spa - not the typical airport-style dryers, are fancy contraptions
    • Related to above dryers - the paper towels were removed (part of going green presumably)
    • No smoking at Cassava nor at Heliconia
    • Pool Hours removed from signs at hot tubs and Pools
    • Repeat Guest T-shirt - same front, different back
    • Environmental Trivia - as a guest activity, different from the above staff contest
    • Otaheite Restaurant reservations 2 days in advance - as opposed to the previous 3 (not convinced this is an actual rule - they are new)
    • New Operations Manager - from CSA (also Nigel transferred to CSA)
    • Large hand sanitizer bottles - at Cassava buffet, Beach Grill counter, and Internet Cafe
    • TimAir in Main MBJ terminal - others (Smilemon? correction - Yazmon) have noted this but new to us
    • Entertainment Team - all new except Travis and Simone (Lead)
    • Baby Woodpecker - on the beach near self-serve bar (OK, that's just plain silly, albeit it factually true)
    • BG bar has a dishwasher - to free up bar staff from cup washing for more chatting (or drink mixing as one prefers)
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