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    True- they do let you take beers on the bus. I recommend two! And the airport is nicely renovated and clean!

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    Yes - I've even taken two with me for the ride.

    Nice pic of the airport. We haven't been there in 10 years, and back then it was more of a tin shed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kycouple View Post
    We were there June, 2010 and only did one per family.
    We were there in April 2010 and we both had to fill one out. In 7prior trips over 7 years, it was only one per family.
    I'm confused!!

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    We always have to fill out two, even though we are married because are last names are not the same.

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    In March 2010 we hopped in a van with another couple for the 2+ hour drive to CSS. We grabbed a beer in the lounge but otherwise did not stop until we reached the resort. On the way back to the airport we were on a larger bus with 6-8 other couples and again, no stops. I slept most of the way though so it didn't seem like too long of a trip to me.

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