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    Hi there! We were so fortunate to have had the experience of having our honeymoon at CSA in June of 2007. We are just as fortunate to have the opportunity to come back to celebrate my husband's return from Afghanistan, as well as our anniversary, in June. We were so very pleased that there were tofu entrees on the buffets, when we were there last and was wondering if this is something that is being continued, as we both follow vegan diets? Thanks! We are so looking forward to is like a homecoming

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    That's so great to hear!! I'm vegan and going for my honeymoon April 27th-May 4th. I emailed the resort and they said they can accommodate vegans, but I'm so happy to hear you had a good experience. It sucks when I go to a resort and all I can eat is vegetables. Did they have soy milk for cereal? Any tips from having gone there before?

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    Hi will love it! I too e-mailed the resort, back in 2007, prior to my honeymoon, and to my joy and surprise, the food was fabulous and there were tofu entrees, as well, as a tofu selection at Feathers. The Thai food was great...we had no problem getty tofu curry. Soy milk was the only thing that wasn't offered, but, that was 3 years ago, and they may have it by now, or there might be a market to buy it. One piece of advice I can give you, is when going to the restaurants that take reservations, best to make them early. Have a great time!!! - Michele

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    We're going to CSA for the first time July 16-20, and that's great news that they have tofu entrees on the buffet. I also noticed that at Sea Grape they have baba ganoush and hummus, so I'm hoping it's possible to order "Mediterranean plate without the cheese." And I hope they really do have chilled gazpacho - one of my very favorite foods.


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    Hi Mary, Yeah, Sea Grapes was great! I can't remember if there was any gazpacho, but, make sure you get the sweet potato chips...yummy! We leave for Jamaica in 13 days.

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