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    Default Leaving for CSA TOMORROW!!

    My husband (of three days! lol) and I are leaving tomorrow and have lots of last minute questions!

    1. How much cash do you bring?
    2. Who all do we have to tip and how much should we tip them?
    3. How many bottles of spray sunscreen do you think we should bring for 12 days stay?
    4. Any last minute advice you have?

    Thanks in advance

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    I need to know these questions too since we also leave for CSA tomorrow. See ya there! I know it has been posted on here many times on how much we are suppose to tip the shuttle drivers but I cant remember. Thank you!

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    300.00 dollars cash in small bills ,nothing larger then a 20.
    Tipping of resort employees is forbidden, the only people you tip are the baggage handlers at the airport ,3 to 5 dollars per bag,,the bus driver to and from the resort 10 dollars each way.
    I would get suntan LOTION because the spray bottles could blow in flight and definitly seal them in zip lock bags bring 3 or 4 six ounce bottles.
    Lastly don't miss the piano bar,go early and get a seat at the piano,show starts at 9pm.
    Congrats and enjoy,let the magic of Jamaica and Couples carry you away.

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    If either of you catch this before you leave:

    As much cash as you want to spend. None or a bunch. Most folks seem to take $300 to $500 for "extras". Souvenirs, carvings, crafts, rum cream, cigars or outside excursions & tips. It is up to you how much you want to spend. If no extra spending is planned take about $100 in 1, 5 & 10's for tipping drivers, baggage handlers, beach musicians, etc.

    Tip the shuttle driver $10 bucks or more. Tip the crew of the cat cruise $20 or $30. Tip the folks at the spa facilities, not sure what is fair for them.

    Spray sunscreen seems to not last long for us. We went through a bottle in a day or two. Your mileage may vary. We now take lotion in tubes or bottles, a couple of 20 oz. bottles for the two of us for a week. 12 days is a long time in the sun, be sure to take enough (bring more than you think you need, you do not want to run out and have to buy at the gift shop).

    Advice? Have fun!!!

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