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    We will be at CSA at the end of May. We are setting up our honeymoon registry and are wondering what off site excursions are close to CSA. Is Dolphins Cove close or is it a long drive? Are there any other excursions that are close by?


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    Congrats!!! We also honeymooned at CSA and we loved it!

    I'm going to make a suggestion that you probably didn't see coming.

    I would not put any excursions on your registry.

    Here is why: When we were on our honeymoon, we arrived utterly exhausted from our "simple, family only wedding". We just felt like vegging out for a few days.... and the resort had plenty for us to do to occupy our time. It was wonderful. If people had bought us a bunch of excursions and we would have felt obligated to do each and every one. And if I had to get up and trudge around on a schedule at any time during that first week I would have probably resented doing those excursions big time.

    Even now, as I'm planning our third trip to CSA and our fourth to Couples, I have to resist the urge to think that we will want to "do it all" when we get there. Sand gravity is a very real thing... and we got a huge dose of it on our honeymoon. Do yourself a favor and allow yourselves the luxury of doing only what you want when you want, when you are actually there on your honeymoon. You'll be much happier for it. All the excursions will still be there for you to pick and choose from, anytime that you want.

    If you are anything remotely like we were, you'll be glad your days are anything but planned. Do not underestimate the amount of energy a wedding can take out of you. We didn't do 2/3 off the stuff I had planned before hand and it was WONDERFUL!

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    I believe Dolphin Cove is on the north shore, closer to MoBay. Think of it this way... the airport is about 1-1/2 hours from SweptAway... Dolphin's Cove will be all of that and more.

    That said, there are a number of excursions that are in the Negril "area" that are also about 1-1/2 to 2 hours away... such as YSFalls, Mayfield Falls, the Appleton Estate, Black River Delta, etc.

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