This is what we said to our Travel Agent,
Hi Bonnie,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was over there a couple of times but didn't manage to make in.

I can sum our trip up in one 3 letter word, "wow". Do we feel blessed or what. Out of 14 trips to the Caribbean we have only had 2 really bad ones. We thought we had stayed at some really special places before. This one blew the lid off that! The trip was a little awkward in the middle of the night, but even that had it's advantages. The flight there and back was comfortable and very well organized.

However I don't believe we met a single Couples employee who didn't go out of their way to make sure we got everything we needed or wanted. Whoever is running that organization is far and above the best management team, supervisors and leaders that I have ever run across. The resort, the rooms, the beach, the pool, the bars and the food was fabulous. All the little things which we would tend to overlook because we were in a different country were certainly no problem there. In fact there were often times that I felt they were just spoiling us. Fortunately I believe everyone else felt the same way.

If you run into any other customers who seem to be somewhat close to our situation in life, I strongly recommend this place for them. I assure you I would not be afraid to recommend this place and anyone who wants to talk to us about it are very welcome. This place is to all-inclusives what Jim Camerons new movie is to Cinema.

Thank you...thank you....thank you!

I do believe we may be going there again!!!!

Rick&Deena Young