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    Default CN - Excursions and Activities

    What excursions and activities do you need to sign up for at CN? Should you sign up for them as soon as you arrive?

    Which ones are the must dos?

    Oh . . . and has anyone done the jungle zipline? Can CN book that for you?

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    I would like to know as well. We're going to definitely do the included ones, like the Catamaran cruise, the shopping tour, and snorkeling.

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    Not sure when this will get posted, but at the time of submitting this there was only one reply and that person would also like a little info, so I'm posting this to bump it back to the top in case it has been missed.

    thanks guys.

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    Default Signs ups at CN

    Sign up is necessary for water activities such as snorkeling, catamaran cruise, glass bottom boat, and scuba. The times we have been at CN (May-June timeframe), there was never a need to do this upon first arrival. With the exception of the catamaran cruise, you can typically sign up for the activities the same day. You definitely need to sign up in advance for the catamaran cruise though. Other times of year may be more crowded so maybe others can respond regarding sign up.

    Hobie cats and kayaks can be taken out any time during hours of operation, without sign up.

    Hope you enjoy your time in paradise.

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    On Resort

    Shuttle to Margaritaville
    Shopping excursions to Downtown Negril
    Watersports & Scuba
    Glass-bottom Boat Tour
    Catamaran Cruise (sign up morning of and a MUST DO)
    Unlimited Golf (transfers and green fees included. Caddy mandatory at a nominal charge)

    Off Resort

    Negril Craft Market
    Royal Palm Reserve
    Appleton Rum Estate Tour
    Black River Safari
    YS Falls
    Pelican Bar
    Office of Nature (short walk from CN)
    Negril Point Lighthouse
    and more......

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