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    Couples Negril, spelled out is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.. My husband Neil and I spent our honeymoon there September 27th - October 3rd. We have NEVER experienced such a wonderful week anywhere. Now, grant it we are not world travelers (yet) but we know what luxury looks and feels like.

    September 27th we woke at our home, drove to the airport and hopped on our 2 hour flight to paradise. We could not have asked for a better pilot. We left 30 minutes late and he STILL got us there twenty minutes early. Landing was BEAUTIFUL and smooth! Once landed, we were in heaven. Customs was a breeze to get through and the airport staff was more friendlier than any we have dealt with.

    The lounge O, the lounge, it was beautiful. Once we walked in, we felt like we were already on the resort yet still inside the airport. Our luggage was taken from us and tagged before we even stepped inside! Once inside we could have anything to drink we wanted. Beer, water, soda, anything! We waited for our resort to be called then off to the bus we went.

    The bus ride was WONDERFUL. (Do not be afraid, there is nothing to it. Do make sure you on the left side, behind the driver, so that you can have the coastal view on you way to the resort.)Our driver stopped half way at a canteen for snacks, a Red Stripe (of course) and to allow us to stretch our legs.

    Then there is the resort! As soon as we drove up in the drive, surrounded by palms, lush vegetation and a fish pond we knew then, we really were in HEAVEN! We were greeted by the wonderful staff who were handing out; cool, lemon fresh towels and the COLDEST champagne I have ever drank. Check-in was smooth and relaxing! Then, we were guided to our room in wonderful, newly renovated building 6.

    The room was: gorgeous, cool, vibrant, romantic, spacious..any positive word you can think of, that's what the room was. The balcony was large enough for the two of us to enjoy drink out on. The bathroom was gorgeous and enough room for two

    The food is DELICIOUS! We were starved when we got there so we went to the Beach Grill. We enjoyed a jerk burger, fries, nacho's, and ice cream, oceanside. Heliconia (Beach Grill during the day), Cassava Terrace, Lychee, and Otaheite are some of the best restaurants you will ever eat at. While all the food was delicious I believe my favorite was the Heliconia and Cassava Terrace. If you go hungry or thirsty while you are there it is YOUR OWN FAULT!

    If you want to be involved or be lazy, Jamaica and CN is the place for you. EVERY DAY my husband played volleyball at 11:00AM, I took naps on the beach! Every day we were on the beach! Most days, before breakfast, we would take a walk on the beach, drop our things in a chair, then go begin our day. We enjoyed activities like: snorkeling, catamaran cruise, swimming in caves, massage, volleyball, a trip to Rick's Cafe (the only time we left the resort), jewelry making on the beach, games, nightly entertainment, and making new friends.

    The friendships we developed with other guest and staff members will be life long. The staff is so pleasant and will know you by name the second afternoon you are there. The entertainment crew became like our family while we were there. Anjelica "BOOBOO", Fabian, Travis and Lesales (sp) are absolutely WONDERFUL.

    Sadly enough our week long, dream vacation went by fast and before we knew it we were back on the bus headed to the airport. When we arrived home we could NOT stop talking about CN and the fact that we will be going back there one day. Thankfully, we are going back...September 24, 2010 - September 28, 2010 we will return to our HOME in the Caribbean. We cannot wait to see our family!

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    I loved your review. I felt like I was back there again. Thank you!!

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    Enjoyed reading your GREAT Review!!! CN = Paradise
    Art xo Francine

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    I understand. And just booked another week for this October

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    What an amazing post!!! Thank you!!! I'm heading to Jamaica for the 1st time with my (at the time) new husband for our honeymoon! I'm really looking forward to it - especially after your post.

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    I loved reading your review of CN! We are going there for our honeymoon December 18-December 24th and I CANNOT wait!! Your review makes me want to go now!! Thanks!

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    OUTSTANDING review of the world's greatest beach resort that is visited by the world's greatest guests.

    The Couples Resorts...Where strangers meet,hug and become life long hugging friends.
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    I believe Fabian has since moved onto another career.

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    Im getting excited.... 2 weeks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    I believe Fabian has since moved onto another career.
    He has. As has Lascelles. However Anjelica and Travis were still there 2 weeks ago and have been joined by Nelka and Nana.

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