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    Last time we were there the wifi just barely reached our atrium suite from the main building. Is this still the same or can you get it on the beach now? We are staying in a beachfront suite this time, will I be able to get it there? I want to know if I will be able to read the news and books and listen to music with the apps on my phone from the beach or my room. Thanks!

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    WiFi is really only a sure thing in the Main Lobby and the GreatHouse Complex. You'll get service originating from these hotspots in various areas of the resort (the Mezzanine at the Palms, the pool at the GreatHouse, perhaps some of the suites near the hotspots), but the intention isn't (at present) to provide resort-wide coverage.

    If you get coverage anywhere but the intended hotspots, consider it a bonus!

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    There is an antennae tower right outside the Beachfront Verandahs...

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    I'm here now and my wifi access is fine. I'm near the great house, though.

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    We stay in the greathouse in order to be guaranteed internet access. I would pay extra $$ to get a different room that had wifi or wired ethernet access. Please couples, wire up all the rooms

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    We will be on the opposite end of the resort. I was hoping to sit outside our room on the beach but I guess we will move closer to the tower. Maybe in a few years we will be able to get wifi all over. I want to use it on the beach for reading news and listening to music.

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    Is there a cost for the wifi?

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    I am also here now and sitting on the verandah of my beachfront verandah, no problem to get on the net and it is free. Had to get a password from the front desk which is good for five days.

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    ORV -

    Wifi is part of the all-inclusive experience (that is to say, no additional charge). Resort-wide access is probably not.

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