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    Default any Dec. 2010 weddings??

    We are getting married at CSA Dec. 4th, wondering if anyone else will be there at that time that would like to capture a few photos or videotape for us, and we'll do the same in return?!

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    Default !

    We are getting married on Dec 4th too! 10am!

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    We get married the 7th of december at CSA. At 11am.
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    Michael & I will be getting married Dec. 7th @ 10am!

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    My fiance Jon and I are getting married Dec. 6th at 11am!

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    We are so excited about our New Year's Eve wedding at 10 am! My man started packing a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

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    we are getting marry on 16 of december, we also would like some help with pictures at the ceremony later also celebrating together.

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    We will be married on Dec. 23rd at 11 a.m. It appears we are the only ones on that day at CSA.

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    Dempie, we are leaving on 25th of december, so you both not going to be alone.

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    Somebody can help us with pictures??

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