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    Default CSA Laundry Service

    How does the laundry service work at CSA? Is it free? Where do you leave your clothes and when do you get them back?


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    Not free, and not cheap. There is a one or two day turn-around so plan accordingly. In most rooms, there is a tiny clothesline in the shower, so you might consider washing some stuff in your bathroom sink.FYI- each room has an iron and ironingboard.

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    From the FAQ's

    Do the resorts have a laundry & dry cleaning service?

    Yes, the resorts have an outside laundry service available Monday through Friday. It is a two business day service. The cost varies by article. Most items are $1.75 to $3.75 – detailed pricing can be found in your room (additional fee for rush orders). There is no “coin Laundromat”.

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    Laundry service is not free and it is quite costly

    There are forms in the room for laundry and dry cleaning. You fill them out and the maids take it. I would advise the maid that you will have some for pick up. I would also call and tell the

    It usually comes back in 24 hours

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    the service is not free. their is a basket in your just leave your stuff in it. they bring it back the next day.we never used it .brought a small bottle of soap and wash bathing suit in the sink.

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    I'm glad there is a service. My fiance sweats a lot in humidity and we're going to be there for 11 days.

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    For the past few trips to CSA, we have taken advantage of the laundry service. We work out every day, and packing half the workout clothes is a big help in reducing the amount of luggage we need. We call early in the morning (before 9:00) and we have always received our clothes back that same afternoon. The prices range from $2.00 to $4.00 an item for the types of things we send out (t-shirts, shorts). Since we have gotten a resort credit the past few years, we just use part of our resort credit to pay for the laundry service.

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    I know a lot of people are (rightfully) claiming the laundry fees are quite costly..... BUT, if you use the laundry to avoid checking a bag, and thus avoiding around $50.00 in round trip checked bag fees.... using the laundry service starts to look like a pretty sweet deal You can get ten to twenty things washed and still come out ahead!

    The downside will be stuffing all your souvenirs into your carry-on luggage.

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