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    Default Appleton rum Factory Tour-Couples Negril

    Hey Everyone! We are currently narrowing down our list of resorts to choose for our honeymoon, but one thing I haven't noticed anyone discuss in the Couples resorts reviews is a tour of the Appleton Rum Factory. When we originally thought we wanted to stay at Sandals, we knew without a doubt that we had to schedule a tour. However, I was wondering if this is something we can schedule at the Couple's Negril. Obviously, I know it is not included in the price, but I wasn't sure if the resort scheduled this kind of excursion for you?? Any advice would be great!

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    Yes, there should be something at the tour desk! Hubby and I did this the first year we went and combined with the Black River and YS Falls. It's a full day but definitely worth it to get out and see more of Jamaica.

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    If you are going to do the Appleton rum tour from Negril then book it with the all day package. You will tour the Falls, the Black river Safari and then the appleton rum tour! We did this when we stayed at CSA and we LOVED it. You are gone for almost the entire day but it is well worth it. The drive is too far for any one of these so do them together. Yes, you can book this at the resort.

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    All the Couples resorts have tour desks where these trips can be scheduled. For some reason they do not put this on their site. Usually a trip to Appleton Estates is combined with the Black River (with its crocodiles) or the YS Falls as all of these are in the same general area and about an hour and a half away from both CN and CSA. You can also look into the tour companies directly online. We generally hire a private driver ahead of time for the day and see all these things at our own pace. At the end of the Appleton tour is the rum tasting that only ends when you want it to or when your tour operator says time to go. Ya mon...rum...irie!

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    I can't speak for the rest of the folks on here, and there has been some discussion on posts way back, but when we get to the resort, with intentions of taking a tour or excursion, we get struck by the white sand, blue water, loungers with floatie disease and never seem to be able to get off the resort. But I have heard it is a nice tour with an unlimited tasting room at the end of it.

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    The Tour Desk at CN will absolutely schedule this tour for you. We did the YS Falls/Black River Safari/Appleton tour in 2007 and it was pretty fun. It was around $90-95/pp then, which included transportation, entrance fees and lunch, but others have gone more recently and have the updated pricing.

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    We did the tour of the Rum factory a few years ago. It was part of a tour we did. First there was a river ride, then YS Falls, and then the rum factory. I don't know if they have a tour that just goes to the one place. I know that many people just hire a cab to take them if you're not interested in the other places. We really enjoyed the tour.

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    CN offers an excursion that includes ARF. You start off at Black River Safari, then stop for lunch, then go to YS Falls, and ARF is last. We had a blast, and thought it was worth the money. It's an all day excursion, with a bit of travel, but it allowed us to see the island.

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    Hi Curious13,
    I believe the Appleton's Rum tour is closer to Negril, so if you stay at one of the Couples properties in Negril, the tour desk at either CN or CSA would be happy to help you set up your tour.

    One Love,

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    Yes, Couples Negril & Couples Swept Away offer an excursion to the Appleton Rum factory. After you check in check with the tour desk and they will set you up

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    My wife and I just did the Appleton tour back in January from CN. The cost was $95 pp and didn't include YS or Black River because they were closed for the day. We had to pay an extra $25 pp entrance fee at Appleton. The $95 pp was just for the ride. A little expensive if you ask me. We loved the tour.

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    If you do not want to do a specific tour that includes other places other than the Appleton Rum Factory, just have the desk at CN get you a driver to take you ..... Just negotiate the price before you go .... The drivers are great at telling you about the island & places you might want to see & helping you along the way ..... Just tell them what you are looking for.

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    My wife is deathly afraid of the water in terms of swimming and such. I wanted to know if the tour of Black River and the YS Falls involves getting wet like say Dunn's River Falls?

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    Price update.....We did the Black river / Y.S. falls / Appleton in march '11 booked from CN tour desk and it was $ 110 U.S. each ( excluding lunch ) We stopped for lunch at the falls and I believe it was about 15 bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Us View Post
    My wife is deathly afraid of the water in terms of swimming and such. I wanted to know if the tour of Black River and the YS Falls involves getting wet like say Dunn's River Falls?
    The Black River tour is in pontoon boats, so there's no swimming involved there. (Not sure I'd want to go swimming there, either... :P )

    YS Falls, while pretty, isn't like Dunn's River Falls where the main objective is to walk up the falls. There's a walkway alongside of it where you can pop in or out (or not) for photographs and such. There also is a pool at the foot of the falls that collects some of the water from the falls, so it's nice and cold; IIRC, it has a sloping gravel side so you can just walk in as far as you want without swimming just to get your legs wet. Or, if you don't want to get wet at all, just browse the area and enjoy the wonderful flowers that grow there.

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    I am the wife. Lol
    Does this tour involve getting wet, swimming etc???

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    @Us, the Black River tour uses a large safe boat for the trip down the's really beautiful. As for YS Falls, you can get in the water if you want (which is VERY cold, not like the ocean), or stay along the beautiful path and walk along the falls (which we did).
    Your wife will feel very safe at either place, and will not need to get wet at all.

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