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Thread: CTI or CSA??

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    I am about to book my honeymoon for next March. I am torn between which resort to choose, CTI or CSA. I am 35 and my finance is 30. We are outgoing and love being around people. However, we would also like some time without a lot of people. I like playing group games that do not necessarily include being in the pool. We are looking for fun nightlife as well. Which resort and which room should we chose? My finance said having a TV in the room is non-negotiable. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Personally I would go to CSA, if au naturel is not important. I had a hard time deciding for my weddingmoon between the same two resorts. We decided on CSA because my husband loves to have a lot of activities to do and because of the sports complex. Not that we worked out a lot, but he liked having the options of tennis, basketball, etc. For me, it was the beach and the amazing sunsets that called me to CSA. If a tv is non-negotiable, I would go with the Beachfront Vernandah (BFVS), if you can afford it. This site has A LOT of accurate information on each resort. Look through the info and the pictures (I know the ones from CSA are very accurate) and see which one is calling you. Congrats on your wedding.

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