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    We are scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay next Monday, April 5 and will be staying through April 12. We are staying at CN. What do I need to do to make sure that Couples has our flight information?

    This is our first trip (our Honeymoon) to any CN resort and we are so excited!!!!


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    Have you tried calling?

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    Contact faye at the resort and you can sent it to her in an e-mail. I called to confirm the resort and she gave me her address and I sent her the info. No worries.

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    If they don't have your arrival info - no problem. There are shuttles all through the day. You will be asked to give your return details when you check in. If you booked with a travel agent then they will have sent your info. to Couples.

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    You need to do nothing but bring a smile. They know you are comming. After you get your luggage and pass customs, make a left into the great room and go to the Couples meeting lounge. You can't miss it. Give your name and they will put you on the shuttle to CN. Enjoy!

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    call 1-800-Couples. =)

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