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    Default Chris & Jessica CTI 2/6/2010

    Not only was it Bob Marley's birthday, it was our wedding day! Such a picture perfect day! Enjoy some of our pictures!
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    beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love the back of your dress very sexy

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    beautiful!!! congrats!! thank you for sharing! this is what gets me through the days for sure!

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    beautiful pics!!! Did you use an outside photographer? or the resort photographer? If you did use the resort much time did you get and did the CD contain all the pics taken? **sorry for all the questions... thanks -Jamie

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    Your pictures are just breathtaking,the dress is gorgeous, and you two look like the perfect couple! I absolutely can not wait for May 2011 and its my turn. I just pray that my pictures are as beautiful as yours. Congrats!

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