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    Default hair removal tips?

    Hi all,
    I checked this thread a few months ago and saw some people mentioning different items that they used for removing unwanted body hair... but I can't find that thread anymore. Can anybody volunteer any tips they have learned? Tricks of the trade, that sort of thing. Going to CN later this year and I've never been on the AN beach- thinking about giving it a go this time. Any help is appreciated.

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    Here is the link to the thread. VERY helpful. I personally tried the Magic Powder and it was fantastic!

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    Thanks Wendy!

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    In MY case, the simple aging process removed the hair from my head and transplanted it to my back.

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    Magic powder made me get a funky rash. I use a 4 blade razor and nobody seems to complain.

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    honestly, the laser is best way to go, coming from a mans opinion and having a woman who did it. I would do it. I am thinking about it. Hate on me if you will but I dont like hair. If no laser, waxing is the cheapest and most painful way to go. Why am I talking about this? I still shave! Im going to hide now.
    Shane and Cathy

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    Avon makes a very nice hair removal cream that doesn't leave "sensitive" areas bumpy or itchy. I love it!

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    After years of experimenting I've finally found the products that work for my sensitive skin. Magic and any chemical hair removers are just WAY to harsh for me. What I use is a combo of Nads hard bikwax and Salley Hansen bikini prewaxed strips, Sally Hansen No more Bumps and Nads exfoliating gel. Exfoliate, wax, treat with no more bumps and you're go to go for about 3 weeks. Only down fall is then you have to let it grown back in to wax again.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I learned about Magic here on the board and love the stuff. No pain at all and it is nice and smooth. Takes a little bit of time, but works great. I use the sensitive skin one and haven't had any issues with it. My main challenge is finding the product, but I finally found it at Walgreens.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We haven't visited the AN side as of yet, but considering it. I was just wondering what's natural about all of the hair removal discussion?

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    I think it all comes down to personal comfort for both male and female. Some look at it as a cleanliness aspect others not. I think most women are into this issue because they often are in a bikini or thong.

    I think most men look at it like just flick the Bic and it's gone!

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    I used to fight the battle with the bikini line hair removal - yeah, the magic stuff did work well, but I finally did the laser hair removal and am sooooooooo happy I did. This was the first year I didn't have to mess with it! Plus we have a pool at home, so I need it for home also.

    If you decide to try the laser treatments, you have to time it just right. You cannot have any recent suntan in that area because it won't work there. And it takes over a year to complete treatment (going about every 2-3 months or so). I started in May of 2008 and still have a few more follow-ups to do. I only have to go about once every 4 months now.

    It's expensive - mine cost around $1200 for bikini area. I paid for the whole package (including follow-ups) and am so glad I did. Otherwise, it would have been around $220 per visit. This way I get the follow-ups at no cost.

    Check it out, but make sure you go with a reputable company. The place I used was Ideal Image - not sure if they are nationwide or not.

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    Laser! Laser! Laser! Woot!

    Ok Ill shut up as well.

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    If you're going to be au naturel, you're not going to be wearing a bikini, so is the bikini line an issue?

    The trouble with all these waxes and creams and all is that you have to let the hair grow out in order to get rid of it, and I've never wanted to do it, so I just bring my razor with me everywhere.

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    The hair doesn't have to be long at all for Magic to work. We were there for 10 days and I used it (I think) twice. Kept everything looking neat.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have a product called bikini touch & it's a small hand help devise like a shaver but the difference is the hair does not become stiff & itchy when it grows back. The hair also doesnt grow back as fast as a regular razor shave would.I love it and use it regularly when I am vacationing. You can but them at Walmart (that's where I got mine).

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    6 real options;

    1. Dont remove it. No one worth anything will judge a person on their inability to sculpt their hairlines.

    2. Depilitory chemicals can be harsh. A persons sensitivity is a factor and can cause some pretty unsightly burns.

    3. Razors can also be harsh and last a mere couple of days. High maintenance.

    4. Waxing is a painful but not mind shatteringly painful approach has good results. With waxing find a reputable wax salon. Dont go to someone who got their licence from cracker jack. I have been doing a full monty wax for over a year now and the hair that grows back is super fine and mostly unnoticable. My waxer though has been waxing peeps for over 10 years and been doing men for 8. I have been to a not as experienced person and was much less happy(pain).

    5. Laser is a permament solution. It is expensive and depending on hair color and skin tone will yield results to varying degree. Also some pain involved. For men it is a one time and your good treatment, for women sometimes hair can be restimulated to grow again as hormonal changes occour.

    6. Electrolysis is painful and slow, but also a permament solution that can be used for all skin types/hair colors. Still have potential for regrowth with womens hormonal changes. Is very exensive and time consuming as each hair folicle must be singly treated.

    As for advice, if you have time to condition yourself to it, waxing allows some flexibility (not permament) quick, good results, fairly low maintenance. Expect some pain(take a motrin befor each visit). If you have very coarse hair, expect some ingrown hairs. When you start you will likely need to wax every 3 weeks but as your hair thins from being ripped out constantly, your cycle will lengthen. I go every 6-7 weeks now and the pain is mostly gone as the hair has gotten micro thin.

    As a sub answer, analyze your reasons to get rid of your hair; As I see it there are two or three options. One is for self image (you feel like sasquatch if you dont do something). A nother is for percieved image, you want to present some ideal in the people that are seeing you(be careful with this one, its a dark path that leads not too many good places. Third, hygene. As a dude not having a bunch of hair in certyain places is much more comfortable. I would think the ladies would also appreciate this feeling of freedom.

    I have ranted enough now, hope this info was helpful.

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    Default Hair

    I'm a man and I use a womans Fusion. It works great on the tender areas. Now on my back I had eplite done. I had 8 treatments and it worked good. I could use a couple more treatments, but it's sort of expencive and it's good enough. I'm good to go.
    On women I like hair there.

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    I use Magic cream Smooth... it really does the trick. Be careful though - I grabbed a book to pass the time while it was doing it's thing - well... I kinda lost track of time and needless to say, I was a little "over done"!!! But if used correctly, it's "Magic!"

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    Well as RicV says there are 6 REAL options (none of which work for me...sorry) for removing/not removing hair at all but for those of us who are uncomfortable with the long intrusive mop that lies there and is unsightly then those of us that have issues with the long unslightly hairs that protrude from our bikini lines can only offer assistance in self removal at an inexpensive price that is affective and long term or long enough for the vacation they are on. The information I gave is an awesome gadget that really does work and does not make you uncomfortable even when the hair grows back. Ladies please give it a try. It is inexpensive and really works well. It sells for less than $20 at Walmart and really does work...I use mine alot and I am never uncomfortable when it grows back.

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    dreber101: Where at Wal-Mart is it located? I looked in the shavers and did not see it.

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    Can anyone tell me how long the application for this last??? I mean how long until you have to do another application? Thanks. B

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    My wife and I use the Seiko shaver, it works very well. For a truly good shave, shave each other, it will turn out better, you can't get to all the areas the way your partner can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristi View Post
    Avon makes a very nice hair removal cream that doesn't leave "sensitive" areas bumpy or itchy. I love it!
    I agree. It is a skin so soft product and works great!

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    For all you Canucks out there, Magic is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart (at least in Ontario anyways). We found it in the hair care aisle, with most of the other depilatories and what not.

    I've searched high and low for this stuff up here, and come up empty handed every time until this past weekend, so I figured that I would give anyone who cares a heads up that it can be found @ Shoppers.

    Haven't had the chance to try it yet, but at least it's available!

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