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    I have tried the creams, lotions, potions and every thing in between. I have been sugaring for over two years now and will never go back. Nice and smooth for two weeks, a week of stubble and back to smooth! My wife does the same. (I introduced her to it) As for the blade...way to short and there is always a bit of stubble.

    That being said, I have been known to "touch up" between apointments.

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    I know shaving is common for women, but what about for guys. I was thinking about doing it, but I didn't want to look out of place on the AN beach

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    When we were there in November, I would say the majority of men were trimmed or completely shaven. there are several that were also all natural. Dont worry about standing out nobody will care.

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    I'm a waxer. Shaving is awkward and who wants to spend 20 minutes every other day touching up all the areas? Not this girl
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    Being that we were on the AN beach yestreday and will be on it again today, most couples are both smooth

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    The majority of non-textilers are hairless. No one cares if your not, no one judges. I've done shaving-razor burn, ingrown hairs, and then scarring from the ingrowns; Magic powder-rash and SWELLING; Waxing-works good and dosen't hurt so bad if you have a good estetitian (I know I spelled it wrong) but still had the ingrown hair problem; Laser-LOVE IT! And it's all gone with no more shaving or ingrown hairs. Did the underarms while I was at it. American Laser sells it as a package of 6 treatments and a 2 year guarantee. It did take me all 6 (little over 1 yr) and treatments over the whole 2 yrs (free with the guarantee) but it's worth it.

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    Default Google "epilator"

    I found an epilator by googling the word. I did research on reviews and found one that was reasonably priced and had a reputation for not hurting, and it catches and removes the hairs when the hair is very very short. I use it on legs, armpits, and personal areas but like it best for my armpits and personal areas. I tried waxing but it was way too painful, and I can't afford laser.

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    Default Epilator

    I use an epilator. It removes the hair like waxing only it hurts much less. I use it everywhere, but I think it works best on the bikini area and underarms. Google the word and you will find there are many out there. I found one that the reviews all said hurt less than the others. I think I paid about $60?

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    Kiddo.......what brand of epilator did you purchase? :O)

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    I swear by it. Try the one in the silver can with green writing for "sensitive skin"

    the only downside... my husband starts singing the ol cheesey love song "Magic Moments" whenever I say "out in a bit, I'm gonna Magic!"


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