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    Hello everyone, I'll be going to CSS April 14 thru the 17, We made reservation at this resort, due to a friend getting married there. My SO and I are planning a longer trip for just us next year. We are not sure which resort to choose from. I'm curious what the beach atmosphere is like. Which beaches are private, and which ones are public. What do the vendors sale on the beaches? Which beaches are more laid back, and friendly. I want to go and have a really good time, so I'm trying to find the resort and beach that best suits us. I was also curious if any of the resort, or if there is a place that offers parasailing?


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    CN & CSA are both on public beaches. Public meaning folks from other resorts can walk along the waterline, but they can not lounge on any beach they choose. There are vendors that walk up and down the beach selling cigarettes. There is a really funny guy walking around telling about a band that will be there for 'tonight, night'. There are also people there that you can rent wave runners from and go para-sailing. The vendors are not bothersome and are fun to watch.

    The beach at CN is on Bloody Bay and is approximately 2 miles long. The beach at CSA is on Long Bay and is approximately 5 miles long. The two beaches together make up the world famous 7 Mile Beach. The beach is world famous for it's soft white sand.

    CSS & CTI are both private beaches. There are no vendors on the beaches except at CTI there is a guy on a surf board selling conch shells. These beaches are very small and not great for strolling.

    All beaches are perfect for laying out and getting some rays.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Don't get scared by the words "public beach." It sounds like there will be a ton of people waling around but we did not find that to be the case. We were at CSA and only saw people walk past once or twice. There is a family resort right next door and a dad and two kids walked by. That's the only time we saw children. There might have been more than the two I noticed. The people walking by could just blend in with the CSA customers for all I know. Either way, there was not a long of traffic or anything like that.

    The beach at CSA is wonderful. It is HUGE and soft and the water is clear and blue. The water is also warm and usually pretty calm. Since the beach there is so long it doesn't seem busy. There is a lot of room to spread out.

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