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    Can anyone give us some thoughts about both. We are hearing the beach is small at CTI and the beach at CSA is the bomb!!! We both want the best beach possible. We are also are wanting to split our two weeks between both, what is the traveling options between the two resorts and costs?? Thanks, John/Jan

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    We've booked a CTI/CSA split for 2011 because we love them both so much! I think a split is a great idea!! And the resort will provide your transportation between the two at no additional cost. It's just under a three hour drive. No worries, mon!

    CTI does have a small beach, but we love the complete privacy, so to us, it's an awesome beach! CTI is much smaller and more intimate, but CSA is just awesome too! Out of them all, CTI and CSA are our two favorites.
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    If you are looking for best beach possible, definitely go to CSA. We love both CTI AND CSA, but really love the beach at CSA.

    If you have two weeks, do a split. Couples will arrange a transfer between the resorts for you via car. If it's in your budget, you can also do a TimAir flight between CTI and CSA, but as I recall, it's $400 per person. Whew.

    Have a great trip. (Wherever you decide to go.)


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    Let me throw in a wrinkle as to the BEST beach. You'll find that one at Couples Negril located on Bloody Bay.

    CSA sits on 7 Mile Beach that is shared with other resorts. CTI has its own private piece of ocean. So define small?

    Since you are considering splitting your stay you have 2 options for travel. You can take Tim Air and fly, which has a cost associated with it, or you can take the Couples Shuttle which is FREE. Your option.

    Both resorts are EXCELLENT and the oly ones who can really make any comparisons as to your likes or dislikes is yourself.

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    Split the week, best of both worlds. Go to CTI first, because if you want a beach, CTI cannot hold a candle to CSA.

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    I love both beaches...I can't say one is better, just different with their own personalities. The CTI beach is small, but intimate and private. I may actually lean towards liking that a little better. The CSA beach goes on forever (it's on 7 Mile Beach) and is gorgeous. But it's public so you get a lot of vendors walking by, people with small children, people from other resorts, etc. But it also allows you the freedom to walk quite a ways in either direction and see the sights. CTI is smaller in general, but we love it. CSA is much bigger and very spread out. Not too big, but much bigger than CSA. Both are fabulous and I would definitely recommend the split. I think the resort provides the transportation, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I've also seen some threads where people talked about choosing what time they wanted to get to their second location and how to avoid traffic, etc. by choosing different times of the day. We say some people arriving from CTI at CSA this week at about 10am so they probably left CTI by 8am.


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    The beach at CSA is the best. It is the kind that you can walk for miles. BUT that being said it is also the one with the most vendors and people walking by from other Resorts. I got bit quite alot from the sand fleas so we are going back this year to CSS. We love the private beach with no one walking by and no other Resorts around but it's small and that is fine with us we don't do the walking for miles on the beach. If you want to do the split Resorts you would probably be better off doing the two closest which is CSS/CN or CSA/CTI. It really doesn't matter which ones you choose, you will love them all.

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    Do both! The transfer in between resorts is free and you'll get to try two different sides of the island and two different Couple's Resorts. CSA's beach is definitely the best you'll find in Jamaica. Fine sand beach and crystal clear blue waters. And the beach is endless in either direction. It's beautiful. Have fun. You are going to love Couple's.

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    If you are beach people, then you will want to stay at CSA. It is on world famous 7 mile beach. CTI has a very small beach on a private cove.

    Couples will arrange a free transfer for you.
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    Thanks so much.

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    Having been to both CSA and CTI, CSA wins the "best beach" contest hands down.

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