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Thread: Best Airline?

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    Default Air Canada

    We flew Air Canada in Feb. We were comfortable and the flight to Montego Bay was uneventful and on time. On the way home they were overbooked and asked us to stay! We were shuttled to a nearby large all inclusive and compensated with 1000.00 for future travel! What a deal! My wife was not ready to leave anyway. There was a huge overbooking problem all over the island at the time. I heard it is not a common occurance.
    Our flight home was a nightmare due to weather though, not their fault. Oh ya! And who cares about a delayed landing time, and having to wait in the plane when they were so kind to have upgraded us to exective class! I Would fly Air Canada again in a minute! In the past we have used charters that were a bit scary with bad food and little leg room.
    From now on it is Air Canada all the way!

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    British Airways

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    We have flown American and US Air...American never seemed to have many delays but we had a long 4 hour layover in Miami (our most direct route) so it took all day just to get there. We flew US Air this past Dec/Jan and they cancelled our flight back home from Charlotte and we ended up having to stay the night there. They did pay for our room and dinner AND gave us a discount on our next flight...we are using for our next CSA trip. So it more than made up for it in our eyes. Also if you are flying first class with US Air (not sure with other airlines) you get two 70 pound bags free each passenger so that makes a difference as well.
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