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    Default resorts CLOSEST to tower isle

    am working on a destination wedding at couples tower isle, and need to know the names of the closest resorts to tower, for family memebers with children, and /or singles

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    Sorry. You won't find that sort of help here. From Randymon's recent "rants" posting:

    "[W]e know the temptation exists to try to compare our resorts with resort companies, to promote your specific travel agent and/or tour operator. Again, from the Forum Rules - 'Couples Resorts reserves the right to reject or edit posts for any reason, but specifically prohibits naming other resorts or resort chains, travel agent or tour companies, other destinations, offsite and/or third party vendors/service providers and other websites or links.'"
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    Didn't you ask this same question on Trip Advisor?
    Check there again as you will get a broader answer
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    I have seen other resorts named in here in response to questions like yours. I hope you get some answers. If not, try googling.

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    Just Google it - they are also listed on Google Maps.
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    email me if you like, I would be happy to give you some reccommendations.

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    Nothing, I mean nothing gets past these seasoned veterans in here.

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    No resort close to CTI within 10 minutes that is kid friendly.
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    There are quite a few family/kid friendly resorts in the Ocho Rios area. Check with your T/A or online.
    Rules of this MB do not allow us to give resort names

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