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    I did a search, but found conflicting information. Is the gym air conditioned or open at CN?

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    The gym, with cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights, is an enclosed, air-conditioned facility. The aerobics studio is right outside and is an open-air space. There are fans, but they don't do enough.

    I really wish CN would change this; when the resort originally opened, the weight machines and aerobic studio were in the same spot and the cardio equipment was in another room nearby, but both areas were air-conditioned.
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    The gym itself is airconditioned, but the exercise area which is used for aerobics etc is open air.


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    a/c'ed at cn....

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    It is A/C. Just there 2 weeks ago. And what a great trainer they had working the morning we were there!

    There is also an area where they have classes that is open air...saw a step class in progress there.

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    It is air conditioned. There is a deck right outside that is open that you can use the balls and mats on, but the machines and everything is in an air conditioned room!

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