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    We leave next Tuesday from Wisconsin and will have a very long day of travel. So I'm thinking ahead to when my wife and I arrive and trying to decide what I'll have to drink ( I am sure I will be ready by this time). Even more importantly, what will my wife get to drink? I know if they simply ask "What would you like?" it will be 10 minutes before she decides and this will delay my drink.
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    Well, lucky for her (and you) they have drink menus at the bar, so I suggest you try each one!

    But write these down as some favorites - vodka slushie (tastes like a frozen lemonade), purple rain (sweet, but not fruity), hummingbird, dirty banana, Jamaican browning (coffee flavor), pina colada, strawberry daiquri...the list goes on and on! Oh and also know that you can get "a roof" on drinks with a straw (extra shot down the straw and on top).

    Have fun!
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    I am not a big drinker at all, but I have heard to try the hummingbird. The vodka slushie thing sounds good too. I don't drink beer at all. My first drink is going to be a Miami Vice - 1/2 strawberry dacquiri and 1/2 pina colada. I am going to be adventurous and try everything - since I know very little about mixed drinks. I'm hoping to catch the mixology class as well!

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    Word of warning, I did that too on one visit to a all inclusive resort. Serious headache. I learned to stick with one liquor each day. I did the Margaritas during the day, wine with dinner and baileys afterwards followed by headache central.

    But have fun!!!!


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