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    Default CSS - which room?

    We are planning to visit CSS in July for our 10 year anniversary and trying to decide on which room to get. We're torn between the one bedroom ocean suite and the one bedroom beachfront suite. I like the decor better in the beachfront suite, the blue and white stripe in the ocean suite looks older and less luxurious to me. BUT the patio/balcony looks much bigger (and better) in the ocean suite. It looks like the ocean suite has loungers where the beachfront just has a table and this the case? For those that have been there, which room would you recommend?

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    We stayed in the One Bedroom Ocean, but if we ever go back to CSS, we'd get the One Bedroom Beachfront. We didn't like being so far away from the beach up in the cliffs (150 steps). The balcony is large though, with a table, chairs and lounger. The balcony on the beachfront looks to only have a table and chairs. Check out the panoramic picture (here's the link: and click on "Main Pool and Jacuzzi" and in the background there is a good shot of people sitting on their Beachfront balcony.

    I'd be happy to share our CSS room pics (
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    Although the Beachfront Suites are nice rooms, the balconies are small. To us, the big attraction of the one bedroom ocean suites, is the spectacular views, not to mention the very large balconies. The beachfront suites are much like the rooms in any other good resort, good rooms, with a good view of the beach and ocean. BUT, it is the other rooms at CSS that make this resort so unique, and also so romantic! If you stay in an ocean verandah, a one bedroom ocean suite, or a penthouse suite, you will be able to experience the full beauty of CSS.

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    I completely agree with all points made by KarenON, the suites and balconies of the 1 bdrm ocean suite w/balcony are much bigger than the beachfronts, the draw to the beachfront is the location, jacuzzi, and the elimination of steps. We loved our room, we also debated beachfront for this trip, my husband said no way was he giving up his view, the size of the suite, or the balcony..... we used our balcony every morning for coffee and breakfast and every evening for wine and appetizers from room service. We fell asleep on the chaise loungers one night, and my husband napped out there. You are in the cliffs, you have steps, you have to walk, but you experience much more of the resort as a result.

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    We stayed in the 1 BR Beachfront Suite when we were there, and next time would definitely stay up on the cliffs. The rooms are SO much nicer and the view is nicer as well.

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    Thanks everyone for your help.

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