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    Default Restaurants at CSS

    Hi all! I'm in the process of planning my honeymoon in October of this year, and we are trying to decide between CSA and CSS. It seems like the popular opinion is that CSS is better for honeymoons, as it's more of the "romantic" type atmosphere. I was looking at the restaurant information, and it looks like 3 of the 4 restaurants are only open for dinner and are closed on Tuesdays and Fridays. This seems really inconvenient, is it true? What do you do for dinner on those days? Also, the other restaurant is the grill, so what do you do for breakfast? Thanks for any info!

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    The Casanova restaurant is closed until dinner. The Palazzina is open but apparently not called "The Palazzina," and the Bella Vista is the beach grill.

    For breakfast, you have a choice between a mostly continental breakfast in your room or a huge buffet in the Palazina (with a great omelet/waffle/egg station).

    For lunch, you have a choice between the beach grill and a huge buffet at the Palazzina. If you are on the A/N beach, they have a beach grill, as well, with the same menu, and they bring over a smaller buffet of hot food and salads around noon.

    The beach grill is open pretty much all day, and room service is available beginning at 6 a.m. (with a dinner selection available in the evening). I believe there is a small window from about 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. where food is not available, but please don't quote me on that.

    Tuesday is the beach party, which is a giant buffet on the beach, and Friday is the gala, which is a giant buffet on the main lawn. If you choose not to participate, I believe room service is available.

    Don't worry, you will not go hungry!

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    At CSS, the restaurants are closed on certain nights because of the Beach Party and the Starlight Gala - that's where you'll eat. If you don't want that, room service is always an option on those nights.

    For breakfast, you can have continental delivered to your room, room service, and Palazzina is the breakfast buffet.

    From the website: Palazzina Restaurant --
    Hearty bistro fare from around the world is featured here in a festive sea breeze setting. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food includes both buffet and table service and ranges from fresh omelets to coconuts to escargot. The fun is in the bold mix of bistro-style sauces to wasabi on grilled vegetables. Always served by a warm and smiling staff, you will certainly enjoy your time spent at Palazzina either inside or on our wonderful terrace. But, make sure to save room for our delectable dessert selection from our pastry chef who was named "Best in Jamaica" in 2004.
    Dress code is resort attire (Jeans, sneakers, flip flops and shorts are not permitted]
    Reservations required, call guest services desk upon arrival
    Daily from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, closed Tuesdays and Fridays

    CSA is also romantic, just FYI. All of the Couples are great! Romance is in the eye of the couple!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    Tuesday night is the beach party at the resort and Friday night is The Gala. There is a buffet at Palazzina and they also have an omlet station. Edgar and Conrad make great omlets how ever you want them. Lunch is also served at Palazzina and the beach grill. Dinner at Palazzina, At Casanova ( the absolute best ) and the beach grill in the evening (Bella Vista. In the evening Bella Vista turns into a very romantic restaurant on the beach with table cloths and candles. The food is very good. Casanova is as good if not better than most restaurants in the US. restaurant.

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    Thanks everybody! I think I was just confused because it says for the Palazzina that the hours at 6:30pm-9:30pm, but it also says open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thanks for clearing this up!! The beach parties sound fun.

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    Default What to do

    Tues is the beach party and Fri is the gala - dinner served.

    Breakfast is at one of the sit-down places OR delivered to your room.

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    Don't even think twice about it. We were at CSA in December, and CSS in February, and going back to CSS in April, because we loved it so much. It is so beautiful, so romantic, and so much a Honeymoon type of place!! You will fall in love with it too, guaranteed!

    Now, as far as eating goes, the food is all top quality, with friendly, attentive service. For breakfast, you eat at Palazzina, a beautiful open air restaurant with a wonderful view of the ocean from every table. There is also seating inside if you prefer, (Palazzina was also our preference for lunch, as well, but you can also have lunch at the Bella Vista grill, or at the grill on Sunset Beach). On Tuesday night the resort puts on their Beach Party, an excellent buffet, followed by good entertainment. On Friday night, the main lawn is transformed into a work of art, and one of the best outside buffets offered anywhere in the Caribbean! It is nothing short of amazing to see how the staff transform that lawn each week.
    And, of course, if you prefer, you can have room service delivered to your room for any meal of the day.

    PS You must have missed reading some of the material on the Couple's site, as all of this is covered in the description of the restaurants.

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