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    Default Randymon...Now I need a recipe!

    Hi Randymon!

    Can you please help me in getting the recipe for:

    - Lychee cocktail (CN)
    - Jerk sauce used on the burgers at CN

    Irie !

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    Norway - Chef Spath has been busy preparing for this past weekend's celebrations at CTI and CSS. I have now asked him to assist with your request.

    Couples Resorts

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    I continue to be amazed by the Couples Resorts.
    What other resort who give you a recipe via an email?

    The Couples Resorts..No other resort tries as hard as the Couples Resorts to please their guests.


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    At our recent visit to CSS, I thought I heard mention of the creation of a Couples cookbook. Is that correct or was I just dreaming?


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    I was shopping at Kroger here in Ohio, I happened to go by the clearance rack and I found a Lychee liquor!!! Well it was a diluted alcohol, but I mixed it with grapefruit juice and it tasted just like the Lychee martini at Lychee!!!! Except for the fruit on the side. We went a few miles down the rosd to "real" liquor store and they said they had just quit carryin it! Damn!! So now we are on a quest to find that liquor!!! Good Luck!!!

    69 more days for the real Lychee Martini!!!!!
    One Love,

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    Lychee Martini: 5 oz cocktail glass

    ¼ oz Lychee Juice
    1 oz Gin
    1 oz Orange Juice
    1 oz Pineapple Juice
    Dash of Strawberry syrup to color

    Shaken w/ ice and served.

    Lychee Mojito: Hi-ball Glass

    ¼ oz Lychee Juice
    1 oz Gin
    Fresh Mint & Sugar (2 small packs)
    Topped with seven up

    W/ ice and served.


    Couples Resorts

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    and our homemade jerk sauce...

    Jerk sauce for Jerk Burger

    Basic Jerk Marinade:

    4oz scallion
    4 cloves garlic
    4oz onion
    1 med scotch bonnet pepper (chili)
    1 large sprig thyme
    2oz Soy sauce
    1tsp salt
    16oz ketchup
    3oz olive oil

    Put all the above ingredients except salt in a food processor and blend

    To make the Sauce for the Jerk burger, heat 1 cup of brown chicken jus. Add 1 cup of ketchup and about ½ - 1 cup of the above marinade. Simmer for 5 minutes and strain. If sauce is too thin, thicken with a little corn starch (mixed with little cold water).

    Couples Resorts

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    Hey Randy,

    Left camera in ballon bar at CSS on 1/16, has anything turned up ?

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    I have asked Sharie Gordon to research and advise you directly.

    Couples Resorts

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    Randymon !

    You just brought a bit of Jamaica to the Nothern parts of Europe :-)

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    We bought a big bag of Karjos Easispice jerk seasoning at the airport in I love that stuff!!! It is MSG free as well as Jamaica made. I don't remember what store, but it was a big corner space that was selling Alcohol, and coffee as well as the various spices.

    The jerk seasoning I speak of comes in a 12.25 oz/350g ziplock bag with orange colored spices...AWESOME stuff.
    I just use it with a small fryer chicken..stabbing the chicken with a potato peeler mutiple times and filling the resultant holes with the spice. Then rubbing the outside of the chicken generously with the spice. Then make a batch of the above sauce....Brings me back to Jamaica just typing this!!!

    Only bought one bag...on our next trip in Sept, I plan on buying multiple bags.

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    Mmmm, that lychee martooni sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner. Definitely have to try me one or twenty of those.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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