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    Default 1st timers to CN

    We'll be arriving in Jamaica on April 17th staying at CN, are there any theme nights we should pack something special for?(ie: white night) Also, when can you make reservations for dinner? It looks like Mon. night the "reservation restaurant" is closed for the returning guests dinner and the beach party would probably eliminate another night. And being from Wisconsin, do the bartenders know how to make a "brandy old fashioned sweet"? We've been to a number of tropical resorts and only 1 bartender knew what that drink was, although I'm sure I'll find something I'll like. Lastly, how early will we have to leave CN for our departing flight(leaves at 11:25 am from MBJ)? Really looking forward to our 1st trip to a Couples resort !!!

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    There are no real theme nights other than when there is a holiday/celebration (i.e. valentine's day, NY Eve, Couples' Anniversary, etc.) and I don't believe any occur when you are there. As you noted there is a beach party night (which is Thursday night), though it's not really a theme for attire.

    Otaheite, the reservation fine dining, is only "closed" on Monday. Lychee is closed on Thursday (beach party night).

    Explain any drink to a bartender and they can probably make it for you. They may or may not already know what a "brandy old fashioned sweet" is. I don't.

    Couples will tell you what time you need to board the bus based on your 11:25AM international flight. Judging from recent posts, I'd guess you'll be in the 7:00 to 7:30 range.

    Have a great trip.

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    BB Coach: we are cheeseheads as well, and will also be heading to CN on April 17th. We will be on the 8:30 AM AA flight out of O'Hare ... who are you flying with/from? This will be our third trip to CN since 2006, you will absolutely fall in love with it!!
    Rudi answered most of your questions except about when you can make your reservations at Otaheite - which you can do as soon as they assign you a room number. Since the resort will be at capacity when we are there, I would suggest heading across the lobby to the concierge desk right away after you are checked-in at the front desk and make your reservations - even before you are escorted to your room. I would also recommend heading down to the dive hut shortly after you get settled in your room if you want to do any snorkeling or go on the cat cruise (both of which I highly recommend!), again, with the resort at capacity, these activities will fill-up quickly. All you need to reserve spots for them are you name & room number. See you around the beach or swim-up bar!!

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    The bartenders are very versatile. Tell them what ingredients you like and they'll come up with something. This past October, I asked for a frozen rum drink with chocolate and coconut, and ended up with what I called a liquid Mounds bar. Let them surprise you.

    My only problem with alcohol at CN is all the bees that gather around the beer taps at the self-service bar at the beach.

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    We will be at CN for our 3rd time on 4/18 - 4/25. We are Wisconsinites as well and will be bringing along another couple for their first time. If you see a guy with a dog tattooed on his right shoulder, that's me. If you have questions while you are there and you see me, ask away.

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    BB Coach, we'll also be making our CN debut on 4/17, altho we'll have become wily Couples veterans by then, as we're staying at CTI the previous week. From the looks of your arrival info, we shoudl already be there by the time you arrive, so just head on over to the swim up bar at some point - chances are you find us there. I'll make sure to buy you a drink!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Sherm - Another couple was suppose to be coming with us on this trip, but were unable to, which means we lost our bar dice playing partners. But it sounds like there should be several other Wisconsin couples like yourselves to fill-in for them!! We used one of the floaties as a "table" and played the afternoons away at the swim-up bar and in the hot tubs back in April of 2008 and it was a blast! Please feel free to join me and my hubby in a few rounds if you happen to see us!!

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    Thanks for the tips !! We're flying out of Midway-ATL-MBJ on Delta, arriving at MBJ around 2pm. We will definitely try to do the Cat Cruise and make reservations ASAP. Really looking forward to the trip !!!

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