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    Default Which of the 4 Couples would you recommend?

    We are thinking about trying a Couples Resort this December for 2weeks. So confused about which one to try.
    Swaying towards Couples Sans Souci as it is the smallest. We like quiet, laid-back, relaxation.
    Does it have a nice enough beach for walking?
    What are the rooms like?
    We want one that has minibar, full bathroom and probably either ocean view or on the beach.
    How far is it from the airport?
    Any advice/comments would be so appreciated.

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    We have been coming home to Sans Souci for five years now. Going back in early July. Sounds like you found the perfect Couples resort. The grounds are beautiful,beach is great,quite if you want it to be. We always get a deluxe oceanview balcony suite in Block D.
    The rooms are on the cliffs with awesome views and nice balconies. All rooms have mini bars in them. Food and entertainment are great. You will love your choice with Sans Souci. Once you go you know.
    Enjoy, Steve

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    Many of your questions re rooms at CSS can be found on the very detailed Accommodations section on this website along with great photos and a panoramic map of the resort.

    I think CSS is delightful, intimate and romantic. It is not the best resort for walking on the beach. CN and CSA would win on that.

    It is about 1.5 hours from the airport -traffic can make a difference.

    If you have 2 weeks, how about a split stay?

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    If I was new to the Couples chain and not 100% sure which resort to visit, I'd do a split. Sounds like you are interested in CSS so I's suggest you spend your 1st week at CSS and then go over to CSA. If it's within your budget, take the flight (TimAir) from Ocho Rios to Negril. You will get an amazing view of Jamaica and all it's different geography. It's a beautiful island and I think CSS and CSA are the best resorts in Jamaica.

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    Default Can't go wrong

    Honestly, you cannot possibly go wrong with any of them. Each one is unique in its own right, but they are all absolutely tremendous. I love CTI, because of the island. Awesome place. We got married there and it was absolutely a dream come true.

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    2 weeks? Try two. We'd recommend CSA and CSS.

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    Reh ~ CSS would suit all of your requirements perfectly except for walking the beach. I would suggest splitting your stay between CSS and perhaps CN so you can have a nice beach to walk at CN. Plus at CN all rooms have mini-bars and it is the second smallest Couples resort. The ocean view / beach front rooms are not what most people consider ocean view, but still the resort is quite lovely and I know you will enjoy it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    My vote is a split stay, between CSS and either CN and CSA. Couples will provide transportation between resorts.

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    The BEST Couples Resort to pick is the one you end up at!

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    All of them, They are all great in their special way, only you can find your home away from home.

    One Love, Four resorts to find it.
    Irie Mon

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    Our favaorite is CSS. While it is the smallest (150 rooms) it is the largest as far as overall acres. That say a big something for it
    You can't go wrong with any Couples resort

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    I think the idea of a split trip would be awesome and you could check out all four resorts if you sign up for the Romance Rewards program. Go to CSS first and then transfer to CSA (it has the best and biggest walking beach). I have only been to CSA and it is wonderful. The beach is the best and the room decor is very classic Caribbean with lots of wood and white linens. It is laid back and you can be as active or as lazy as you want to be. Good luck deciding.

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    I would not split the trip because you will want to relax and thinking about the travel and move might not be right for you while you are trying to relax. I honeymooned in Sans Souci back when it was a Lido resort and it was fantastic, but the beach wasn't as good as the one in Negril. CN and CSA are exceptional because of the beach. CSS is great becasue the gardens are such that you can find a hundred places to hide away and be romantic.The gardens there are breathtaking, but so are the many stairs. I was young and spry at the time and I tohught it was wonderful, but I am not so sure you would want all the stairs if you have a knee or back injury or you are out of shape. Just a thought. However, CSS is lovely.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. We have booked for Sans Souci - from Dec. 4 til 17th.
    Now, we are thinking about booking for Dec. 2011, given the promotion that is on now.
    Swaying towards Couples Negril for that trip. Such a decision, though. We have NEVER booked that far in advance

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    Read all the information you can find and pick one. You can not go wrong with Couples. We all have our special place.
    Irie Mon

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    We are at CSS right now and I cannot tell you how amazing it truly is! We've been to CN twice before but will come back here next time. CN is a beautiful resort and the beach is great for walking. CSA is on 7 mile beach so walking the beach means so is everyone from all the other resorts, restaurants, etc...are on the beach too. Go to CN and check it out but you may end up like us and return back to CSS. There isn't much beach walking but there is plenty of other areas to walk through and explore. Believe me, my calves are killing me this morning and we've only been here since Sun pm. LOTS of stairs but it helps to get rid of all the hummingbirds and pina coladas. Bldg. D is the best if you can get it.

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    Well, hopefully you will receive some great advice. However, this is a hard question for most Couples family members to answer. We all love the Couples name BUT we all love our own individual resorts. I LOVE COUPLES NEGRIL!! Bloody Bay offers the most beautiful beach.

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