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    Default getting close to CSA time two weeks!!!!!

    starting to pack, making the lists, thinking about when we want to eat where, its ou first time as repeaters were so excited, last year it was CSS I hope CSA is as nice!!!!

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    Have a great time, 8 more days for my wife and I, first timers!!

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    see ya there

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    Enjoy! We go home April 1st. 6th time to CSA and get more excited w/every trip we take. Razzl

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    Haven't been to CSS; but went to CSA for the first time this past Feb. I can only say that we will definitely be back, it was more than we could have imagined !!! You will love it, I'm sure !!

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    See you there! 13 more sleeps for us!

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    10 more sleeps till our April 4th arrival.. We are first timers and can't wait......

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    CSA is fabulous. You will enjoy the walks through the lush property and the beach will blow you away.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Congrats on choosing our favorite Couples resort. The beach is nice but make sure you get over to the sports/spa complex across the street. Being repeaters you will be given Couples tee shirts, an invite to the repeaters dinner and a free 1/2 hour couples massage. I suggest you pay a little extra and extend it to a full hour for both of you. I was so relaxed after our 1/2 hour that I regretted that it wasn't longer. Don't forget to tip your masseuse because they are not direct Couples employees and do an excellent job. Of course my wife went back for an hour massage when I was out playing golf. She is a lot smarter than I Also, make sure you go to the manager's cocktail hour before the repeaters cocktail hour because you'll get to meet all of the awesome CSA managers in one place. Drink some smoothies and a few hummingbirds for me. We're in the process of planning our second trip to CSA for the first full week in December and we can't wait. Enjoy your time in paradise!

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    CSA is a great resort. Beautiful beach, warm weather, plenty of food and drink and great entertainment with a fabulous staff. What more could you want? Enjoy!

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    I'm with you it is exactly 14 days from today we will be in Jamaica! We will be 1st time repeaters as well to CSA, we went in 2007 for our honeymoon.

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    Make sure to go to the Martini Bar above the Palms Restaurant and take a night time stroll across the property. It's very romantic. I'm so jealous. We aren't going until the end of September. CSA ROCKS!

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    Tick - tock, tick - tock! 4 more sleeps for us now and we're so distracted, it's hard to concentrate. Woke up this morning w/One Love running through my head... and figure I'll be humming this song all day long as we do things. e.g pack, clean the house, etc... Happy Dance! Razzl

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    Default now its down to one week!!!!

    I can no longer function at work, all I can think about is getting back to couples!!!

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