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Thread: Shade on SSB

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    Default Shade on SSB

    Just wondering if there is plenty of shade on SSB so you don't have to stay in the hot sun all the time. I like to lay on floats in water but enjoy the shade part of the day.

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    There is plenty of shade to be found at SSB when you want it.

    Check out this thread I started showing Panoramic Views of SSB.
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    There are a number of trees on the beach that provide natural shade throughout the day. You may have to move your chairs around a bit, but you'll always be able to find some shade. Don't forget to bring water shoes with you, the entrance to the water is quite rocky for the first little bit, but nice soft sand once you get out a ways into the water. Being on the floats in the ocean at SSB has to be the ultimate in relaxation!!

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    between the tree and palapas you should have no problem getting in the shade

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    Thanks guys. Sounds good to me. Might just give it a try.

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