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    I have an enlarged (11 x 17) framed photograph I would like to mail to a friend in Jamaica as a thank you gift. What is the best way to send it. Will she have to pay any type of duty on it?

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    From what I have been told (from a Jamaican Man who comes to ur area to pick apples from March to Oct,) what ever you sent to Jamaica they will have to pay duty on their end..As well the time that it will take to get there you would have better luck booking a trip and bringing it with you, and you would still get their before it did..We wanted to mail a few items to his wife because they had a new baby while he was here and he told us that sometimes the items never make it to where they are suppose to.. I guess its a change you would have to take...personally I wouldn't!

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    Not knowing how heavy the total package may have turned out to may find the cost of postage daunting. With no resale value...your friend should not have to pay duty tax, but she'd need to know when the package is actually sent so as to calculate when it might arrive...some post offices charge the receipient a set fee (they determine) for packages not picked up after a certain number of days.

    For something like this that's will take a bit of sourcing out on message boards possibly...BUT....if you can find someone in your home state arriving on the island...staying in the same town or VERY close by to where your friend would be far less to ship the package within your home country and have it hand carried here. If the generous souls who hand carry the picture have your friend's phone number, they could give her a call at some point in their stay, she could meet them and pick it up in person.

    You would have peace of mind knowing it arrived safe and sound and was indeed picked up.

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    They do not have to pay Duty on a Gift!!!!
    Just mark " Gift " on the Customs form. Leave the Value very there really is no monetary value to a photo. I would be more concerned with the Glass breaking.

    Address it exactly as they gave you their address:

    Persons Name
    Post Office
    Jamaica, W.I.

    I have sent gifts through USPS for years and they get there within 10-15 days- never had a problem.

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    I always send care packages to Jamaica and they always get there. They don't take that lond considering the distance (We live in Canada). I always make sure that I write the cost very low, and they have not had to pay that much duty, if there is a concern you can send them the funds via the bank for the cost of duty. It's up to you, but I have never had a problem! Cheers!

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    We sent some items to staff from CSA last Christmas and one of the staff did not receive his package. It seems to be a common problem.

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