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    Default Major Problem need help asap!!!

    Ok with 94 days to go I am wondering if I should start P90x or wait another 30 days and start insanity or even wait 60 days and do the julian michaels 30 day shred. So many choices any help would be appreciated.

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    You should never "wait" to get in shape

    Jillian Michaels is fine, but don't waste your money on her baloney product line, which is already under fire for false claims.
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    Start P90 will find a way to interrupt your workout schedule and before you know it, you will be out of time like the present.....I speak from experience.....started 100 days before vacation....lots of life interruptions, so I ended up with 60 days.........start now! IMHO

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    Start NOW and make it a permanent lifestyle change. I started CrossFit (which P90X somewhat mimics) two years ago and have never stopped. I am swimsuit (or AN) ready all year around!!! Go for it!!!
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    I haven't tried the p90 thing. All the workouts that include a diet plan are a no go for me since I have food allergies. I got the 30 day shred and keep my calorie intake low and am loosing weight pretty easily. The 30 day shred dvd is only about $10 so it is well worth the money.

    There's no reason to wait. Do the 30 day shred 3 times before you leave! Most people I know don't just do it once and forget it. It's not like you can do the 30 days once and then be in awesome shape and never have to do anything again. That would be pretty sweet if it worked that way though! lol

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    Quick weight loss methods can be very stressful to your body.

    Relax and try to be comfortable with who you are, and lose the weight in a sensible way.
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    Default Start now

    If you start now and work hard, you will see results with P90X.

    I started 7 weeks ago to get in shape for the summer. Will continue with it after the first cycle is complete since we will be in Negril for the first time in December.

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    We are starting our 3rd round of P90X (yes, that means we are at about day 170). I support everyone getting into shape however,
    Be advised, P90X is designed for someone with a decent base level of fitness... not kidding, some of the workouts still make me throw-up (and I'm a size 4 female with 17% body fat).
    P90X works amazingly but you have to follow both the workouts AND the diet plan for it to work correctly. P90X is more of a lifestyle than a "I need to drop a few pounds for some special event" kind of thing.
    Good luck with what ever you choose.

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    My experience with losing belly fat effectively is to drink 3 cups of green tea a day and at least one fish oil capsule a day. this worked well for me in 30 days. And start exercising NOW, preferably early in the morning to kick start your metabolism. What are you waiting for? stop reading this and go!

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    No problem mon

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    P90X is NOT for beginners. Insanity could actually kill someone who doesn"t have advanced fitness levels. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and I have troubles making it through a full p90x workout, let alone the whole 3 month series. Alas P90X is probably the most complete body/mind altering series. If you believe you are capable of doing P90X I highly recommend it. Start now!!!

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    We do P90. It has INSTANT results. Not kidding. We do a different one plus the ab ripper everyday. I was able to see results in my Husband-to-Be (5/10/10 at CSA) within a week. I started to see changes in about two weeks. It really does give definition. It is seriously hard. He lost about 30 pounds and I am not telling how many I lost!! But I am super proud and very pleased!!!

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    For most benifit, cardio in the morning, weight's at night.

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    Eat Clean!! It REALLY works!! You'll not only feel amazing, you'll look amazing and if you follow, the belly fat drops off! If you're not familiar with the concept, check out or grab the book eat clean revamped, check out also and pick up a copy or subscribe to Oxygen is a lifestyle, that way there's never any "Rush" to get into get addicated once you see and FEEL what it can do for your life!
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    P90X works and offers several options to follow depending on results desired. It isn't an all or nothing program. Also, there is a fitness test in the package you should take before beginning. My wife and I have completed a couple of cycles, about to start again, and did not follow the diet plan that was included and we were still very pleased with the results. You really need the bands and pull up bar to get the full benefit. I still hate Ab Ripper every stinking time it starts! (but it works)

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    I so wish sit and be fit really worked!!!

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    Start now because you will have days that you get the "don't wanna's" -- and backsliding happens.

    I would recommend the 30 day shred and alternate it with other workouts. I run, lift weights, fitness ball workouts, yoga and walking workouts (i.e. Leslie Sansone) on days that I don't feel like being tortured by Jillian but still want to do SOMETHING.

    And ditto what Cubismo said.

    Good luck!

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    Man, all this talk about working out makes me tired. Additonally, it makes no sense at all. When I go to CTI, I go to eat, drink, relax, and enjoy. If that is my goal and I wish to be ready for it, shouldn't my training regime model my intended performance? I think all of you are on the wrong program for your intended goal. You should rethink now before it is to late!!!! If you need help setting up a more accurate workout program, let me know. This month, I plan to lift 750 to 1000 pounds, but never more than 12-20 ounces at a time. Just Kidding!!!!!! I not only support each of you, but admire each of you that truly work so hard to look so good. Best of luck with each of your training programs!
    Peace, Love, and Respect
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    You can tell by how many people have read your post but not replied that this really is not a major problem - you're healthy and wealthy enough to be going to a fabulous resort in Jamaica. Everyone at Couples is going to have their eyes mostly on their significant other. Eat healthy foods, do moderate exercise and just go and enjoy life. Couples is not the H resort, no one is going to be fixated on your body. No worries! (And count your blessings that you really don't have a major problem.)

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    I am currently doing Insanity and love it as well as 5 of my other friends. They have seen big results, 3 of us are in the early portion. A couple of my other friends have done P90X or are at the end & like insanity better and one is a personal trainer. She & her husband have done the P90X and love insanity more, P90X seems to be geared more towards men.

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    Ok after much a do it was more of a stupid silly question. I do appreciate all the info reguarding all the the programs. I am a firm believer that weight loss is a lifestyle and not a fad diet. I know as I have tried them all with some success and then bam the weight comes right back on. While I am by no means a fitness model I am not on the other end of the spectrum. I did however start a workout routine with a change in what I eat and I am seeing results. I think my biggest problem is correcting the bad habbits ie: those 12 oz curls that have done nothing for my biceps. I guess all in all it is really how we feel about ourselves that really matters!!!

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    What on earth are you waiting for?

    Why wait 30 days to do a 60 day program... or 60 days to do a 30 day program??

    Like Nike says... JUST DO IT

    All are great programs. I would personally do the p90x, since you can start that NOW and get into a good habit by the time the vaycay rolls around. If you get tired of it in a month, then do the next program.

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