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    Default Ricks Cafe - Taxi or Tour bus?

    We've never gone to Ricks Cafe and we were wondering if any of you have had better luck going on the tour bus or using a taxi. How long are you there, if you go via the tour bus? Any comments will be appreciated. 10 more days before we're back at CN, our 7th time to Jamaica and 5th to CN.

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    Hi! Just got back from CN on 3/20 and my hubby and I were going to take a cab to Rick's on 3/18 with another couple but they told us we couldn't take a cab and had to take their bus. I'm not sure why - I guess so they can make $ because it was $30 per couple to take the bus. The bus left at like 4 - 4:30 and got back at 8 pm. We wound up not going because it started to cloud up and we figured we didn't want to pay $30 if we couldn't catch the sunset - there is always next year! I'm so jealous you're "going home" soon - I want to go back!!!!! Have fun!!

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    Hmmm... that seems quite odd, jerzzgirl... I see no reason for the concierge to deny getting you a cab... its their job, after all. I have found that the cab drivers that are called by the concierge are a bit pricey... mostly because they aren't the route taxi variety, I guess.

    Each room does have a phone book and local cabbies can be called from your room if you need to arrange one yourself. One might also take a look at to find local cabdrivers and other businesses, such as restaurants, shops and such.

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    That is ridiculous that they said you were not allowed to taxi there...

    I would take a taxi, if you take a tour bus you are bound by time constrictions. A Taxi to the westend (Ricks) will cost you $15 US tops, probably less if you bargain. It also helps if you don't use the taxi's you see there waiting rifght outside the hotel...leave the resort and start walking, you will be propositioned in a matter of minutes..just as them how much to Ricks? They will say X amount, if it's fair..hop in and enjoy. While on the westend you can walk around and check out some of the other bars, it's a great experience!

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    You are stuck there for a long time and the food/drinks are expensive. We did it last year. Great for a one time deal (watching the cliff divers) but we won't be doing it again.

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    suggestion- walk out of CN and down to the street- if you are going to ricks you may as well check out push cart and some other places in the west end.
    Negotiate a fare for say 3 hours where the driver will take you to a couple of places and wait for you you can then hit up ricks about an hour before sunset get yuor obligatory drink ohh and ahh over the 6 deep people at a wonderful sunset then call it a day.. Ricks is cool but it is very americanized now ...
    BTW i am prety sure rick runs a shuttle to pick you up but you would then have to grab a cab back so if you are just intersted in ricks you may wish to explore that route

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    Default RE: Rick's Cafe

    Last year we noticed signs for Rick's that said they will come pick you up, we were staying in the same area as CN. We called and they did come and pick us up for free, the catch is you have to pay them for the return trip. It only cost us $20 though,so it was still a great deal. I agree with the other posters in that it is a beautiful location, but overpriced, and make sure you bring Jamaican dollars as I am pretty sure the few beers we did drink all ended up costing different amounts and I still have no idea if we were given back the correct change or not as it was given in Jamaican even though we paid US. But everyting was irie and we didn't sweat it! Lol

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