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    Default Newbies April 1st to the 10th

    Thanks for all the questions and to those of you who supplied all the answers...My wife and i have been reading these for weeks...and i think we are going for it...still a little nervous though...we have never been south of Florida or A/ this will be a whole new experince...Hope to see some of you there...we will be easy to spot...we will be the ones with the white butts

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    do a little electric tan to save your 'white butts' from being RED BUTTS!

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    Bridog - Looking forward to meeting you! We are from Ontario, Canada. We were at CSS the first week of February and loved it so much, we're going back in April, the 2nd to the 10th, so we'll be there the same week as you. I'm sure you'll find SSB very easy to get used to, and you'll be wondering, after a short period of time, what all of your worries were about!

    Don't forget to bring water shoes! You need them to get into the water, but after the first little bit, the rocks are gone, and it's just soft sand. You will both feel so relaxed floating A/N out in the beautiful ocean!

    PS Post your names (and picture, too, if you'd like) on the Meet up at Couples Sans Souci thread.

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