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    Default Have any of you gone twice in a year?

    We're back from our first trip to Couples (CSA) and our trip was only 4 1/2 days long. We have been desperately missing our new happy place. Thinking about pulling a trip together for November. If you could go 2x in a year, would ya?

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    If I were independently wealthy, we'd be at SweptAway at LEAST twice a year. The closest any two of our visits have been were 6 months... but then we had to pay for it by being away for about two years... not worth it.

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    Heck yes! Actually we were extremely fortunate went 3xs last year! We go home April 1st. Funny, we're already trying to see how we can work in another visit later this year. Razzl

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    We have been guests at Couples annually since 1998. In 2007, we started visiting twice a year. This year, we're making three trips. We stayed at CTI in January, just returned from CN last night, and are returning to CN in September.
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    We've done the 2x per year trip, well 2x now. We did CSA/CSS one year, and CSA/CTI this past year. And we're going back to CSA in 48 days. Woot Woot.

    I don't think I would go MORE than 2x per year, just since we have two kids and we like to take THEM places as well. But the May/October schedule is pretty fantastic.

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    Default twice in a year

    This will be the year. We're trying CSS for the first time 6/14-21. We've been to CN three times, most recently Christmas 08. We're going back this Christmas but will wait until our CSS visit to see which one we like best for Christmas. Either way it'll be a fablous Christmas.

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    normally 2 or 3 times to go home to sept away, have to see our family you know

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    For the first time we are going twice this year. Once to Swept Away in April- 13 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!. The next will be in November to Couples Tower Isle to celebrate our anniversary. We have never been to Isle and hope it is as great as Swept Away.
    I would love to go every year x2.

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    Yes! Well almost. We were there at CN this past February and are returning July 11th. Fortunately in February we had enough miles from US Air from a promotion they were running and flew free, for this July we had enough miles and have gotten free American Airlines tickets from our Citicard so the two trips with free airfare afforded us enough to BE going twice!!!!!

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    We have done it on two ocassions. I would say if you can afford it do it. Remenber for future years to go for much longer.

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    We are going twice this year. We had our fourth December visit to CSA already booked, when a "Wednesday Special" hooked us into trying CSS in 53days from now.

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    We have gone twice a year 2 years in a row. Last year we did CSS and CN. Then in Jan 10 we did a CTI/CSS split and tomorrow we go back to CSS! Guess which one won our hearts over! Wonder if anyone does it 2 times a year! :-)

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    We are going twice this year. We generally can only go for 4 nights so we try and go twice if we can swing it. The Love Away plan makes it easy!

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    We did that on our first two trips, they were 6 months apart. Haven't been able to convince the husband to repeat that feat.

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    we did it last year and the October trip sure made the April 2010 countdown a LOT easier to handle.


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