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Thread: Any Okies ?

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    Edmond here. CN 2 weeks from today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart and Bug View Post
    No problem mon! If you want we can e-mail you upon return and give some photos of the resort to check out. Our e-mail address is ecsimson at Don't think there's anything to worry about living vicariously through somebody else. If it's illegal send us to Jamaica and pronounce a life sentence at any Couples Resort as a punishment as that's what we've been doing on the message board since we booked our trip!!

    Thanks and hope yours goes well also,

    Bart & Bug
    Hello Brian and Mendy,

    It's Eric & June (Bart & Bug). We tried sending you and e-mail but it didn't go through. We had to come back to the message board and find the thread you started in which you asked for us to send you a review and some pictures following our visit to CSA in preparation for yours later this year. We're hopeful that you're checking the message board and will find this.

    Well, we've been back three weeks now and can't wait to go back again!! It is a great resort!! Lots of beautiful beach with soft, white sand and clear, blue water. The resort is sort of spread out but after eating the great food you'll be glad to have space to walk it off. Not any stairs to contend with like at CSS but it's still all good! You can walk north and south of the resort on the beach if you like going on long walks. We would recommend walking south, past all the vendors, early in the morning before they get out there. North is always good but takes you past a few other resorts and a public beach.

    Things not to miss include: time with Ultimate Chocolate at the piano bar in the Aura lounge in the evening and the disco, the bonfire, getting a couples massage and taking the couples massage class, snorkeling (it's actually better than at CSS!!), relaxing on the beach and all the beautiful sunsets.. The beach at CSS is nice in that it's private instead of public so it takes some getting used to people from other resorts and venders walking up and down the beach there at CSA. They do have to stay down by the waterline so you won't find them bothering you. The catamaran cruise is okay but was not as up-tempo as the one at CTI. It was fun to swim in the caves though. The beach party got rained out so we missed out on trying that. The repeaters dinner is great!! Be sure to attend! The restaurants are fabulous with our favorite being Patois Patio. The Palms was good also and had a great atmosphere. Lemongrass was nice as was Feathers but, since they require reservations, we only ate at them once for the experience.

    What kind of room do you guys have booked? We got a beachfront and loved it! We were in room 2235 (I think) which is a second floor room with a big, wrap-around balcony in the center of the resort. You can hear the sound of the ocean from those rooms, which don't have windows on them, only shutters and screens. We're attaching a link with pictures of the resort for you to enjoy There's also some of CSS we're sure you'll recognize. If you'd like to see or know more please let us know. Hopefully you guys will enjoy your visit to CSA as much as we did.

    Bart & Bug

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    Default Bart & Bug

    Eric and June,

    Thank you SO much for the update. We have been looking forward to your review and your pictures! I am looking at them right now, they are incredible!

    We got your friend request and have accepted it. We are sending you an email, so you will have our address. I am not sure why it didn't work, I sure hope it didn't get deleted because of all the spam we get. Sometimes we just check and delete without paying close enough attention. I apologize for that. Anyway, hopefully you can watch for our email. We look very forward to talking with you.

    We booked a BFS, just like you did, so the pictures that you took are exactly what we were wanting. We also just recently booked CN for November 2011, so if you did a Trading Places to CN, we will definitely want to hear all about it :-)

    We will write more in our email to you. Thank you SO much
    for contacting us. We will talk to you soon!

    Brian and Mendy

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    Brian and Mendy,

    You're welcome! Hopefully we provided the answers you were looking for to prepare you for your visit to CSA. Glad you liked the pictures.

    Don't know why the e-mail didn't make it but the good thing is we were able to reach you through the message board. We've received your follow-on e-mail and will respond back tomorrow. Yeah, I know the feeling. Sometimes I have to stop myself from just emptying my spam folder and really look through to make sure something didn't accidentally get in there. No problem :-).

    All we can say is that you're gonna love it there at CSA. We've been to 3 of the 4 Couples Resorts and have found something unique about each one that makes it special. Our plan is to return next year and stay at CN since we did the trading places and found it to be intriguing. From what we've experienced so far we don't believe there is a bad Couples resort.

    We'll look to keep in touch and share more of our experience through e-mail.

    Your new Jamerican friends,

    Eric & June
    (A.K.A. Bart & Bug)

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    Hello, we are Kevin and Dedra from Moore OK. We will be at CN Sept 6-13 for our honeymoon, it's our first trip to a Couples resort and her second trip to Jamaica...we are both very ready for the much needed vacation/honeymoon.

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    Hello. We are from Tulsa too. My husband moved to Tulsa from OKC. We were married on the beach at CN 6-23-10. It was so magical! We've been home less than 3 months and I am dying to book another trip! I think I'm having withdrawals!! Maybe next summer!

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    Any one going to CTI or CSS in June 2012 ????

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    Hello Brian and Mendy- Interesting I live in the thriving town of Douglass Ks (actually 3 miles west of Douglass) and will be traveling to couples in December.

    What a small world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkingle66 View Post
    Hello Brian and Mendy- Interesting I live in the thriving town of Douglass Ks (actually 3 miles west of Douglass) and will be traveling to couples in December.

    What a small world!
    This thread is kind of dead ... however, Brian and Mendy have posted on the NOVEMBER 2011 thread for CN. You might catch them there !!!

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    Really old thread, but in case there are other Okies going to CTI any time soon, we'll be there from Aug. 18th to 27th, and next year from Aug 20th to 30th. If you're going to be there the same time, let's meet up!

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    from CSA, been invited for wedding

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    CSA July 9th-16th from Norman.

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    Hi Matt and Lisa. We were just at CSA (using Trading Places) in May. We're just north of you in OKC. Hope you have a great stay. It's a beautiful resort!!

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    from OKC, going back to CTI August 21st - 31st.

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