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    Default Our Wedding 3-15-10 CTI

    When Pace asked me to Marry him we decided that a destination wedding was the right thing for us to do. After talking to our travel agent we decided to book Couples Tower Isle for our wedding/honeymoon and I am so glad we did.

    I got so much good information off the message board. I wanted to share my experience with the future brides to maybe help ease the nerves a bit.

    I carried my dress on the plane with me. We flew Delta airlines and they were so nice about hanging my dress in the captins closet. My dress never got a wrinkle!

    Once we arrived at the airport, we checked in at the couples lounge were they took our luggage for us so we didnt have to deal with keeping up with it. We were invited to have a Red Stripe while we waited for our bus. We were only there for about 20 minutes before our bus was ready to take us to the resort. One tip for the newbies make sure you bring a lot of One and Five dollar bills for tipping. It took about an hour and a half to get to the resort. Once we got to the resort, we were greeted with cold wash towels to cool you off and also were given a carribean rum mixed drink. Then we headed over to check into our room. Make sure you bring a credit card because they need one to put on file for your room in case you make any charges.

    Our room was great. We booked a Deluxe Garden View room. I am so glad we didnt book a higher priced room because some friends we met there complained that their ocean view rooms were by the pool and common areas and it was loud during the day. Our room was quiet both morning and night!

    The very next day we met with the wedding coordinator Latoya. She was great. She walked us through what we were going to be doing. She helped us pick out our location, the wedding cake, and the decorations. I brought and made my own flowers and boutineer to match. I gave Latoya some extra flowers and ribbon for our cake. I brought five songs on a Cd for the ceremony but really only needed one, and that was for the bridal enterance.

    The food at the resort is very good. If you go hungry then its your fault beacause their food and drinks are available almost 24hours a day. Make sure when you check in you make reservations for the resturants and excursions right away. They book up fast.

    We decided to go with an outside photographer because no family and friends were with us and we thought that 24 pics were not enough. Our amazing photographer was the Talented Diana and Richard from the digital memories collection. Diana was so sweet and her prices are very fair. The quality of her photos are amazing. They captured all the special moments of our day and then some. We wound up with 440 pics and a beautiful DVD of our wedding day. If you are planning on getting an outside photographer please look her up i promise nobody can bet her prices. You can visit her website at

    Now on to the wedding day..... The morning of the wedding Pace and I went down and had breakfast together. After that we made sure I had everything together and he walked me to the salon/spa where i was to get my hair/makeup done and also to get dressed. I brought some extensions from home and had them use it for my updo. I also brought some fake flowers i bought from claires to have them put in my hair. My hair turned out great. I actually forgot to take my picture of how i wanted it to look so i explained it to her and she mastered it. I was a little hesitant on having them do my makeup. I am pretty picky and i didnt want to look like a clown. My makeup looked great and it lasted all day even in the Jamaican heat. Couples has a no tipping policy but the salon/spa workers are independant workers. You can tip them for any services done.

    The ceremony was all I had expected and more. We got married at 12:00. Latoya took care of everything even my last minute request of the rose petels down the isle way. It only took about 15 minutes to get through the ceremony! After that it was off to signing the Marriage certificate and the cake cutting. From there our photographers took us all around the resort to capture our wedding day!

    If you have any questions please ask. I learned so much off of the message board.

    Here is a link to some of my wedding pics

    Let me know if this link works. I really dont know how to do this! LOL

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    beautiful pictures. I love your dress. Thanks for sharing

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    Your pictures are beautiful! I love your flowers! I have been looking for pictures of a CTI wedding at that location on the resort so thanks!
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    Thank you so much for all the details. I am getting married at CTI on June 5, 2010 at 12:00. I am also using Diana and Richard.

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    I am so happy to share them with you all!

    destinyrnYou will not be sorry you hired them! They are amazing and it was the best money we spent!

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    I love your dress and pictures - everything looked great! We are getting there next year. Just one question. About how long did it take for your hair to get done?

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    I loved your pictures! We have the SAME wedding dress. It was great to see your wedding photos and get ideas. Quick question: did the ocean shots completely ruin the dress? Best wishes.

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    Trishamarie It took about 1 hr to do my hair and make up. Not bad considering i had her also put in my hair extensions for the updo.

    ortegariver5 No. The trash the dress pics didnt ruin the dress at all. After we were done with all the photos we went to our room I took it off put it on a hanger and let it dry on our balcony. I was amazed that the dress wasnt ruined. After the dress dried i shook all the sand out of it. Its in perfect condition. I am actually lending it to my sister for her wedding day! The trash the dress photos were so much fun. The best part of the photo session by far. So glad we got to experience it!

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    Hi Erin, I would like to write to you personally about the photographer. I am very interested in using them also in May. how you paid, cash, did you send a deposit..etc..please contact me very soon?

    Please contact me on yahoo

    thank you,

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    Beautiful pictures and I also loved the colors in your bouquet. Congrats to you both!

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    Thanks for sharing, now I know what to expect when I get married there! I was wondering what you did for the photographer? How did you set it up and if you could give an estimate that would be fantastic.

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    Default Flowers

    Erin_Pace2010 Hello I love your flowers... Where did you get them. I love the ball Idea. THx

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    Default Awesome pics!!!! Such fun!!!!

    Thanks for allowing us to view your special day!!!! Your pics are so unique and AWESOME!!! You gave me new ideas!! I love the ones in the sand!!! I would have never thought of getting into the sand!!! But HEY it worked!!! Thanks again!! Congrats!!! You guys make a wonderful couple!!! Thanks Jamie

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    A&JHef I made the my flowers and my husbands boutineer! It was very simple to make. If you would like to make one as well look up on google "how to make a kissing ball" If you have any questions let me know and i will be glad to help.

    KNM I used the talented Diana and Richard from the Digital memories collection. I got the pics back within days! They also did my video! I cant say enough about them they really were wonderful to work with. If you are interested in booking them then you can go to their website and email them or there is a phone number to call them. If you leave them an email they will get back to you within a day or so. It really just depends on what you want and how long you want them as to how much it will run you. I can say i looked all over for a photographer and nobody could beat Dianas prices! Hope this helps!

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    Here are a few of my pics for those of you who dont have facebook. I will try posting some more in a little bit!
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    A few more!
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