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    Default Strange Week Indeed...

    I’m sitting here, smack dab in the middle of the last work week before heading home to CSS. I’ve been thinking all week about the strangeness of this week. The feelings of excitement for the upcoming trip, the anxiety of leaving the children for a week, the stress of getting everything ready at the office for a week away, and trying to navigate packing in the midst of all of this. It all just formulates into a strange sensation. Let’s just hope these next couple of days fly by so we can get on the plane to paradise come Saturday!

    We’ll be staying in a Penthouse suite at CSS. I’ve seen a ton of pics from the McQueen Suite. Does anybody have any from the others or links to previous threads with pics of the others. The balcony is calling me……

    Also, I’m a Cool Running fan (go figure). Do they stock the mini bar in the room with whatever you request? Say, in my case, pineapple juice and coconut rum! Or in my wife’s case, rum cream.

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    You do get a couple of cans of pinapple juice if I remember and they will probably switch the Appletons with coconut rum if you ask. Don't count on the Rum Cream though. Liquid Gold!

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    Coolrunnings know exactly what you are going through!!! We leave tomorrow (Fri 26th CSS) at 8am and in full get the heck ready soon mode!

    Likely see you there.

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    ddc, No doubt you'll see me. I'll be the guy drinking the cool runnings and not doing much other than that.

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