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    Default CSS April 10-18 Sheer Excitement!

    I cannot tell you how excited my fiance and I are to be going to CSS. We've been to CN twice but picked CSS to get married in the gazebo. I don't know if we're more excited about going to Couples, having 4 of our closest friends with us or getting married?!? I can barely sit still I'm getting so wound up and I seem to have a stupid grin on my face at all times

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    rrallen....Picking CSS to be married at is a very wise decision..We have attended a wedding at the gazebo and it was such a beautiful wedding.


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    Congratulations!! Just wanted to let you know that we think you have picked the most beautiful and romantic resort in Jamaica to get married at!! Enjoy all that CSS has to offer!!

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    Can you give me more info about getting married at CSS? It looks like the cost would be $500 - $200 for paperwork and $300 for photographer? Is it a pain to get the right paperwork sent over? Does it cost extra to have someone there do your hair? The biggest reason we're thinking not to get married there is to save room in the suitcases - a wedding dress etc, his suit, etc...just to wear for a few hours.
    This will be our second wedding, and as much as I'd like to get married at Couples, we may end up in the back yard with our four kids a week or two before our honeymoon.
    Talk me into a wedding at CSS!!

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    Hi Indymommy!
    Here is what I can tell you so far. I'll know more obviously once we get back but here's what I can tell you so far. The cost of the wedding is only $200 and that's to process the paperwork. It was really nothing to get it to them. They need copies of your birth certificates and passports as well as divorce papers (I know...kind of a strange requirement). You have to have them notarized but I work with a notary so she did it for me. Honestly, you'd have to provide most of this information to any county in the U.S. to do this anyway. I just FedEx'd it to Florida where they want it sent for less than $10. I did this so I could make sure it didn't get lost in the mail since it is rather sensitive information. The requirements and such are on the website under Weddings.
    Having your hair done does cost extra but if you'd pay someone at home to do it, why not. Now for the clothing, I'm taking my dress and my fiance's outfit on the plane as a carry on. My dress is a cream colored long organza dress that I got at a department store and he's wearing cream linen slacks and a cream silk shirt. Since its the second time for us too we really didn't want it to be so formal. Besides, its pretty hot there so why put yourself in a hot gown and suit? Been there....done that. Divorced it!
    I'm going to guess you're from Indianapolis and depending on what time of year you decide to do this you may not be able to be in the backyard. I'm guessing that if you do that you're going to want to have some sort of celebration such as a dinner or lunch either at home or at a restaurant. How much is that going to cost you?
    Everyone on the message boards has been telling me that we made a wise choice since CSS is one of the most romantic places on earth. We didn't want to worry about the stress of getting married in front of everyone at home and opted for the most relaxing formula we could think of....Jamaican paradise!
    Your flowers and cake/sparkling wine are all included. You can upgrade the flowers but from what I understand you don't need to as the bouquets are beautiful. As far as the photographer goes I agree that it isn't exactly cheap but I bet its a heck fo a lot cheaper than what you may have paid for a photographer for your first wedding. I believe you get your pictures in a photo album along with a CD of them before you leave the resort. How nice is that you can go home with your pics?!?!
    I'd say your biggest dilemma is whether or not your children want to see you get married. Why not ask them what they think?
    Either way, celebrating your marriage in paradise is really the way to go albeit the wedding or a honeymoon. Let me know if I've swayed you at all!

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