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    Default Is it still okay to book on Jamaica Air?

    I heard that Jamaica Air was bought. Is it still okay to book for November flights. Is it something to worry about?

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    Air Jamaica was or is in the process of being sold. It is anticipated from the articles that many if not all of the routes would remain intack. However one never knows what new changes may be instituted by the new owners. Over the past months AJ has reduced some of its service areas and that process could potentially continue until that airlines becomes profitable.

    I would be on the phone making inquiries with the present Air Jamaica as to what would happen to your booking or potential future booking as only they, at the present time, can answer your question.

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    I contacted Air Jamaica because we have a flight booked for December. I was told that they do not have plans to change flights.

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    Air Jamaica is in the process of being bought by Spirit, but if the AJ website is taking reservations, you can book.
    Just be aware there may be changes which you will be notified of.

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