View Poll Results: Should we designate all Couples Resorts Rooms as "Non-smoking"?

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  • Yes, this would be fantastic. It would encourage us to stay at Couples even more.

    153 66.23%
  • No, we would have a serious problem with this and we would need to vacation elsewhere.

    36 15.58%
  • We don't care one way or the other.

    42 18.18%
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    Default Non-smoking rooms?

    Greetings to all:

    For several very good reasons, we are considering to designate ALL rooms at all Couples Resorts "Non-smoking". Those of you who need/want your nicotine fix may do so on your balcony or patio.

    Let us know what you think by participating in our poll.

    Couples Resorts

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    As non-smokers it would work for us---lol.

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    Honestly, I've never smelled smoke in 6 years at 2 locations. None.

    That said, I smoke on the balcony already, so I chose the indifferent option.

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    Although we did not have a room that smelled of smoke, I have been in rooms at other hotels in the past that just reek of smoke. I personally think this would be a good ideasdas you are not banning smoking entirely, just moving it outside where it does not have a chance to seep into the walls, furnishings etc.

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    We have had a couple of trips where smoking on the verandah below us had been an issue. The smoke even came in through the slats in the windows. I would like to recommend no smoking buildings. I realize that this idea could bring back the problem of reserving specific rooms. Just a thought.

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    Just an opinion, but since most folks keep their balcony/patio doors open... wouldn't the smoke still blow into the room? I know that my hub and I are both smokers (although we've deemed this year as our year to put them down!) and we smoke on our balcony at CTI........ but the smoke does tend to go into the room - although we've never noticed the room itself smelling smoky..... and YES even though I smoke I can smell a "smoked up" place almost as well as a non-smoker! I applaud Couples for posting this poll though, and I believe as long as the patios/balconies are not included in the ban, that everyone will still be happy!

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    i think there should be a 50/50 split. that way it's fair to everyone! i am a former smoker i quite last aug. therefore i now prefer a non smoking room. yet just because my preference is to not smell the smoke i don't feel i have the right to govern someone else's enjoyment. that is after all what a vacation is all about . therefore, i think if the hotel were 50% non smoking and 50% smoking it would give everyone the opportunity to choose. also if one half was full the "guest" booking the room would know in advance, and could either make date accommodations for there stay or compromise and have a smoking/ non-smoking room. so what is the saying in Jamaica...EVERYTHING IS IRIE MON! see and i haven't even been there

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    There is never going to be a perfect solution that satisfies both smokers and non-smokers, but I think this is a VERY good option. Definitely gets our vote of approval!

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    The only problem I see is that that will make the patios and baloconies unpleasant for non-smokers to be on. And it would be hard to police. But we'd be in favor of this definitely.

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    I'm a smoker, yet I still smoke outside whether I'm at home, a hotel, or someone else's house. I HATE the smell of stale cigarette smoke.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
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    I think non-smoking rooms are a great idea. Balconies are perfect for smokers.

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    Here we go.....Non-Smoking rooms is one thing, but then you have people already complaining about the balconies/patios!! People who smoke have also paid alot of money to come to couples.

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    no smoking in the building would be great, cigar smoke especially seems to penetrate everything

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    We agree with Beach-bum 100%! When we stayed at CSA in December, we had a beautiful 3rd floor room of a beachfront verandah suite. However, we were hardly ever able to use our balcony, as every time we stepped outside, there was someone below us smoking, and the horrible stench filled our balcony space. First thing in the morning, and just before dinner are the two times we enjoy being on the balcony, and we could not do that because of the smoke. It was very frustrating to have that situation last for the entire week. I sometimes think that smokers don't realize how much their bad habit affects others around them.

    We wrote on our comment card when we left, that non-smoking buildings would be very much appreciated.

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    As a former smoker I think this is a satisfactory compromise for everyone. Simply go outdoors if you have to smoke. Stale smoke (especially from cigars!!!) is a real turn-off, and it does permeate the walls, linens, lampshades. Non-smoking buildings is TOO restricting IMHO.

    Thank you, Couples, for thinking of your guests' comfort yet again!

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    We are both smokers who quit some time ago, so we see both sides of the issue. In three stays at CSA, we have never had the smoke smell in our rooms. It think the tile floors instead of carpet helps with this. A lot of hotel chains are going to a "No Smoking Anywhere" policy and it does not seem to bother them with bookings. Cruise lines don't allow smoking in the cabins and we have had problems enjoying a balcony with the smoke coming from neigbors, but cabins are a lot closer together than the balconys at Couples. If your outside it is easy to move away from cigarette smokers without making a big issue of it. In public places like casinos, that allow smoking, the biggest offenders with the worst smell are the cigar smokers. I am sure if someone had a real problem during a stay the front desk would help in relocating if to a different room if available. That said, A policy one way or the other would not effect our staying at Couples. We will be back!

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    Ditto what others have said. Make the interiors no-smoking and allow it on the balconies. I too am not a fan of smelling it when outside, but it is what it is. I too used to smoke, so I totally get wanting to have that freedom on vacation. But even when I was a smoker, I used to go outside. And in Jamaica, it's not like you're battling the cold and snow when going outside.

    I think it's a good middle ground. While I'd love non-smoking buildings, I'm more concerned about the ramifications that would have with reservations and smokers either being relegated to certain locations on the resort or vice versa. I would think that would be a mess no one would want to deal with.

    Question: would banning smoking from inside the rooms reduce insurance costs? I know it's none of my business, but if this were a cost-saving measure that would prevent rates from inflating, I think perhaps even more people could get behind it. I know where I work smoking has been relegated to a couple very specific places and part of that decision was because they got a cut on insurance by limiting locations where smoking was allowed. I would think keeping it to the patio would reduce the chance of fire. Oooooorrrrrr....I could be TOTALLY overthinking it, which would be typical.

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    Default Non-smoking buildings

    Hi all,

    I have to agree with the non-smoking buildings idea, rather than just the rooms. We have not been able to use our balcony on several trips, just because someone was smoking in the room next door or underneath.

    Any restrictions would be welcome, but the building separation gets my vote.


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    It's a start, but to save time you might consider banning all the smokers to one little corner of resort, much like the cruise lines do. As you well know an inch is just an increment of a mile.

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    ALL ROOMS??? No, not in Jamaica

    I have never smoked a Cigar but I like how they smell- I also love the smell of Ganja.
    I'd rather not eat next to a cig smoker but the rooms at Couples have never smelled bad to us, nor has anyones smoke deterred us from sitting on our balcony..
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    Randymon -

    Although it mysteriously has never been a problem for us as non-smokers, I had to re-read your poll question. In it you ask if "all" rooms should be designated as non-smoking. We agree that there are very good reasons for this, not least of all is the safety issue.

    The designation "all" clinched it for us to vote "yes". Segregated smoking and non-smoking rooms (or buildings) takes rooms out of play for those on either side of the question, which isn't good for anyone.

    Without the "all" parameter, we would have voted as being indifferent on the matter.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We vote yes!!! No Smoking!!!

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    The decision will be all or nothing. Setting aside individual buildings or room blocks would would require cumbersome and potentially limiting inventory management solutions.

    Couples Resorts

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    I say just ban smoking altogether, I'm a non smoker and I don't think its fair that I should be held hostage in my room because someone is smoking on their balcony and their smoke is creeping into my living space. I don't want to fall victim to someone elses unhealthy living habits.

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    I am strongly in favor of non-smoking areas and would be thrilled if the entire resort could be non-smoking.

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