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    Default !!!Another resort credit question!!!!

    We are going to CSA in May 2011 and were thinking of doing a split trip (7 days CN and 7 days CSA). People on the message board have said that I would get two $500 resort credits (one for CN and one for CSA). My travel agent says that I only get one per stay but technically I have 2 stays because I'm checking in and out and then checking in again. So how did you do this? If you just book the two resorts for 7 days each do you automatically get it??? Thanks!

    Also is it a good idea to do a split trip, we have been to CSA where we were married and we were thinking of trying something new.

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    I think that is a good question for Randymon. I agree with you, seems like you should get 2 $500 credits. Maybe , if you do each reservation seperately , to check out of one, pay your own transportation to go to the other resort ( $5 ), and then check in to the next resort under a new reservation number. Randymon, we need you !

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    I believe because you are meeting the 7 day minimum stay at each hotel you should be get two $500 credits. I also don't see why they will not transport you at no charge from one hotel to the other. You might have to go thru Mobay airport and go on a different van. You might be able to get transportation direct if you go in the early morning. The only reason you might get the direct transport is if they have no other passengers to drop off or pick up at Moday airport. That is why you leave early in the AM

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    Yes, you DO get the credit at each resort. You TA is wrong. Contact Couples and ask them how the reservation should be tagged. I do know that we have reservations for a week at CN and a week at CSS and they are different reservation numbers.
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    Perfect thank you! I will talk to me travel agent and hopefully we can book it and get two reservation numbers (smart idea never thought of that)!!! Thanks again!!!

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    Your travel agent is wrong. You get a resort credit for each stay of 7 nights or longer. Since you're checking out on one and heading the other, then that is considered 2 stays. As for transportation, Couples will provide it. If you still have problems, just book directly with Couples.
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    In January we did 7 nights at CTI and then moved to CSS for 7 more nights. Couples provided the transportation. We just had to let them know at CTI what time we wanted to transfer to CSS. We received the $500 resort credit and Romance Rewards at EACH resort. We booked through a travel agent and had her confirm the double perks with Couples before we booked.

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    I would book them under two different confirmation number, that way it counts for two different trips so you can get the two 500 resort credit.

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    contact Seandymon on the Romance Rewards page for the correct info on a split stay. 7 nights should do it as i believe Couples will see it as 2 reservations. secondly the transfer from Couples Negril to Swept Away is no problem just a short ride they will arrange for you. no trip back to Mobay. if you dont want to transfer early you can always ask for a private transfer at your expense. this is just a 5 minute trip at best.


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    So excited we are book at CN and CSA! Can't wait to be back at CSA!!!

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