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    Default mini bars in garden view room at CN??

    Does anyone know for sure if all of the rooms now have mini bars? We are going in June 2010 and staying in the garden view room hopefully building 7 where we stayed when we got married there 5 years ago. I am hoping all of them have mini bars by then but if not which buildings do for sure??

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    they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!

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    We were there last Dec and the rooms that had been redone had the mini bars. I am sure by the time you go in 2010 all the GV rooms will have them if they don't already. We had one last Dec. Only used it for soda and water to drink in the room and take to the beach. Have a wonderful trip.

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    The addition of mini-bars to all of the GV rooms (all the non-suite rooms, in fact) has been completed for a while. The new counter, bathroom tile refurbish was done in blocks 1-5 by January and GM said they may delay a bit on the other side (6-9) because the economy slowed. I'd think by 2010 they'll be done (then again my Lychee opening date prediction was off a bit).

    In any case, you should have the mini-bar for sure.

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    Are you serious? That's one reason why we paid more for an upgraded room, and now they ALL have them??

    It would've been nice for the Couples website to actually tell us before we spent another $300.

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