So after MUCH deliberation, I have booked CSA for May. I have never been to Jamaica (we are frequent travelers to Mexico, Bahamas etc...). So I have several questions and would appreciate any help!!! First, how safe is Jamaica these days? Specifically, I have read on TA about peoples credit card #'s getting lifted, being robbed on the bus ride to/from the airport, and to not leave the resort. Of course I heard all of this before any trip I made to Mexico and have never had any problem, so I am hoping it will be the same. You always hear the bad, you know. Should I exchange my USD to Jamaican $$$? Also, I know a simple "no thank you" will work with the beach vendors, but last year I went to Punta Cana (NEVER again) and was down right harassed by them every time I went to the beach. And the resort I stayed at did have beach security, it just was unrelenting. They would come up to you while you were in your chair relaxing. Little children coming up to you on the beach and handing you a sea shell and then turning their palms up for money. Does this happen in Jamaica? I know CSA will be great, although it seem to be less "glam" then the resorts i have been to in the past, which I am looking forward too. Lastly, are there lots of jelly fish in the water? Got stung last time in Mexico so I am a little wary. Thanks to all who respond, I appreciate your feedback!!!