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    Default R & R tv channel

    I wanted to share this info with you all. We have Direct TV and there is a channel we recently found called R & R - channel 354(resort and residence). Most shows are about Caribbean destinations and a ton are about Jamaica. There is a show called 'Island Stylee' that is ALL about Jamaica! Not sure if the channel is available with different cable providers- but it is worth checking!

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    OMG, what a great little find. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm currently at work, but I assure you I will hit that channel up as soon as I get home and flip on the telly.

    Funny, I've been so close to it many times, occasionally watching MSNBC on 356. And isn't CNBC on 355? Good grief and to think I've never noticed R&R just one channel below. LOL

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    For the Cable folks, BET-J carries Island Stylee as well as a couple of Reggae/JA based shows.

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    Anybody know if this channel is available on Comcast? I'm a Travel Channel addict and I could use another channel to check out. I love the Island Stylee on the Air Jamaica flights. Or should I say loved. No more AJ for Chicago after 4/12.

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    we hav verzion FIOS is it on there dose anone know?

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    So how cool is this....the very first show I catch on what I think is called Carribean Adventures or something like that was about Jamaica. There was no mention of Couples itself, but they did highlight some of the main tourist areas and attractions in general.

    Gotta say tho that as interesting a channel that R&R appears so far to be (I've already watched several other shows on it), there is no doubt we're talking about one low budget TV station here. The picture and sound qualities definitely suggest these guys operate on a shoestring. And it certainly doesn't help having a Hi Def TV with HD programming. When you get non-HD stations, especially ones with the budget of a community college, it makes for some poor quality from a tech standpoint.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thank you for this information. I have Directv also and I will be looking for this channel tonight when I get off work. I am a travel addict also and anything to do with travel, I am on it.

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    Does anyone know if this is also on Dish? We do have BET, couldn't find the R&R or the Island Stylee though.

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