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    Default Best Excursions at CSA?


    I have been doing research on off-site excursions, what are some favorites for those who have been to CSA?

    We were looking at Horse Back Riding, Dunns Falls, Margaritaville....

    Any notes are great

    We arrive this week on 3/25 and getting married 3/27, can't wait!

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    You might want to rethink the Dunn's River excursion. It's on the other side (east) of the island. It's about 3 hours each way to Dunn's from CSA.

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    You might consider taking an excursion to the world famous Pelican Bar, which is often combined with the Black River Safari, Appleton's rum tour or a trip to Y.S. Falls. Many people also like Mayfield Falls. Both of these waterfalls are much closer than Dunns River Falls, which is a pretty long drive from Negril.

    Some folks like to visit one of the tourist bars on the West End Cliffs for a different view of one of the awesome Negril sunsets, or perhaps just to watch the locals cliff diving.

    The tour desk at CSA can help you to arrange any of these excursions.
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    Don't forget the free trip to Sands sunset bar....well worth it. But Pelican bar is A1...go there...

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    We are arriving at CSA this Sunday the 28th and decided to do YS Falls and the Pelican Bar...

    If you want to do falls, go with YS or Mayfield...Dunn's is too far.

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