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    Default Questions-getting married CSA 3/27/10

    Hi. We want to get the private transport from the Airport to CSA, who did you all use to book that? Would you recommend a limo?

    Did anyone do the water shoot at the falls the day after? What are "water shoes"?

    We just booked Dianna Cambell. Any links/posts to pictures you had taken at CSA would be appreciated. Can't wait!


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    Michelle, I used Diana Campbell as well. Email me at and I'll show you my wedding photos and Mayfield Falls photos, you'll be able to see in the pics what water shoes are!

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    Default Same Day!

    Hi! My guy and I are getting married on the same day as you, May 27th, 2010. It's getting even more exciting as it's getting closer and I'm reading the message board even more. What time is your wedding booked for? I have the 4PM wedding scheduled, and it's probably too late to change my mind but might try to have it earlier.

    Have a great wedding....see you there! We chose Diana also!

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    We had a 4pm wedding and loved it.

    I liked the fact that after photo`s (little break to freshen up )then sunset photo`s it was time for drinks and dinner.........just perfect,for us.

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    I just read this, but yes, we had a 4pm wedding too. Did you change yours? I may have seen you, we watched a few weddings that week/weekend Did you love your pictures? I need to post mine soon.


    Yeah, the time between was great. Drinks and pics

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    Well as for the transportation from the airport goes, CSA offers that. I would recommend taking the transportation with the resort because it gives you the opportunity to chat with other guests...which only makes the trip better (believe me)!

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